Ethics Smethics

Novakula, Prince of Darkness, appears to be petulantly nursing a grudge like Phil Anselmo nurses a 40 of Jack Daniels:

I’d go full speed ahead because of the hateful and beastly way in which my left-wing critics in the press and Congress tried to make a political affair out of it and tried to ruin me. My response now is this: The hell with you. They didn’t ruin me. I have my faith, my family, and a good life. A lot of people love me — or like me. So they failed. I would do the same thing over again because I don’t think I hurt Valerie Plame whatsoever.

But, as Ben Armbruster at Think Progress notes:

…Plame was “hurt” because of Novak’s column — she no longer has a career as a covert CIA agent. Moreover, Plame has said that she feared for her and her family’s lives after Novak revealed her identity.

But Novak ignores the point that Plame’s outing had broader national security implications. In fact, Plame’s CIA job was to stop Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons and as one former senior intelligence officer put it, the leak made “it harder for other CIA officers to recruit sources.”

Yeah, fuck piffle like Plame’s livelihood or national security. There are more important things at stake here. Like crazyglueing Robert Novak’s fragile-as-an-eggshell professional ego.

Hey, don’t worry, Bob — at least Travis Tritt understands your pain, and has some heartfelt advice on how to move on.

h/t Mustang Bobby

One Response to “Ethics Smethics”

  1. Chief says:

    He didn’t hurt Plame ? Bullshit ! ! Not only did he ruin the career of a dedicated and extremely effective civil servant but he did two things far worse. First, he caused the waste of at least several million dollars in training and an investment of almost two decades in an operator that can never be recovered.

    Second, her expertise was in the very country that the U.S. seems to be the most worried about in gaining nuclear weapons.

    Novak has irreparably harmed the United States.


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