Happy Holidays From The CFLF Crew

As I sit here marveling at today’s bounty of presents and consider how best to approach the coming traditional feast later this evening I wanted to take this chance to look back on the past year and give thanks.

We here at Comments From Left Field have grown immensely over the last year and it’s all, in part, thanks to you our readers.  Without your dedication and readership not even the excitement of this election season would likely have been enough to keep us going.  You’re our lifeblood and, let’s face it, who would enjoy yelling day after day into an empty void?  The new look, new writers, they’re all thanks to your dedication and motivation.   Because believe me, there’s more work going on under the hood than you might realize.   So thank you, and keep up the good work.

PS.  Considering getting us a present?  Yeah, I thought so, you sly devils.  You thought we’d forget?  Well there are only two things on our wish list this year.

~ Tell as many of your friends, coworkers, and family as you can think of about us.  Help spread the word.
~ If you haven’t yet listened to and subscribed to our new podcast “CommentsCast“, please do so.  Mike and Kyle have done a great job so far and they could use the audience & support.

Happy holiday, merry solstice, merry Christmas, whatever you happen to call it.  We couldn’t do it without you.

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