Itzhak Perlman on Proposition 8

Via Andrew Sullivan, I just learned of the existence of this video, in which Itzhak Perlman speaks out against Proposition 8 (before the election) on behalf of his daughter, who is gay.

Obviously, the election is over, but I just thought the way Perlman presented himself on this issue was very moving.


One Response to “Itzhak Perlman on Proposition 8”

  1. Joe Arena says:

    First of all. In order to be in a same-sex relationship you have to be either gay or lasbian.
    So anyone who disagrees, than look up the definition of same-sex. 2nd Prop 8 has nothing to do with civil rigts, it has nothing to do with unfairness, it has nothing to do with equality, it has to do with marriage. And the true deffinition of marriage has been and always should be between 1 man and 1 woman. 3rd I find the prop 8 musical to be vary offensive towards christians. That is not how christians are and Jack Black lied about what the real Jesus say’s in the Bible.
    As Christians we love all people, even gays and lesbians. But, homosexuality is a sin. so we love the person but hate the sin and so does Jesus.
    Prop 8 musical gets 2 thumbs down!

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