Name Bristol’s Baby

I see Andrew Sullivan has discovered a new picture – A Fourth Picture – that allows to have more fun with all the weird facts surrounding the Sarah Palin/Baby Trig pregnancy.  Sullivan doesn’t mention the timing, but certainly he must be aware that Bristol’s baby – according to Papa-to-be Levi – is due on December 18th. Given this, I suspect that Sullivan’s is the first of many postings we will see over the coming days concerning the Palin babies.

I, for one, never bought into the idea that Trig is actually Bristol’s baby.  Instead, I think all the weirdness with Palin’s pregnancy is attributable to her ultra image conscious meanderings when confronted with an unexpected and incovenientally timed pregnancy.  Nonetheless, we here at CFLF – or, at least, me – don’t want to be left out of all of the baby blogging fun.

I propose we have a contest to guess the name of Bristol’s baby.

Given the history of the names of male Palins – Todd, Track & Trig – I think its fair to assume a male baby’s name will start with a “T.”  (Of course, I’m making the assumption – a safe one I believe – that Levi will have absolutely no fucking say in the naming of his spawn).

So, if male, I’m saying Bristol, Sarah & Todd will just simplify the whole fucking thing and name the kid “T” or “Tee.”

If the baby’s female, I’m going with “Buttercup.”

On a side bet, I’m saying Levi scores $2 million for the first baby pics.  How much do you think he’ll get?

4 Responses to “Name Bristol’s Baby”

  1. Craig says:

    Maybe Levi will have a say if he nominates “Trouser”.

    If its a boy, I’d say it won’t start with a “T” since this one is not Sarah’s child (I hear the tin-foil crowd clearing their throats). Bristol will start her own tradition. (Middle name could be Todd though!)

  2. Armando says:

    Plrease check on this name. What christian day is it.

  3. Dynamic says:

    Trent if a boy (I think your “T” logic is sound) and Genevieve if a girl, though only because my girlfriend just shot down – hard – the name Genevieve for our future children, and I don’t want to see the name go to waste.

  4. wow says:

    very good…..

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