Teh LOLZ (Oh, That Village!)

Townhall.com is a mainstream, legitimate, comprehensive, informative, and entertaining conservative news and opinion magazine and website. Disclosure: they’ve written nice things about me.

– Serious Political Journalist™ and Paid Blogger™ Marc Ambinder, curbstomping irony and his already suspect credibility, all in one shot.

Thers does the heavy lifting (well, ok, more like like shunting half-filled crates at a feather supplier’s warehouse) so I don’t have to:

I don’t doubt for a minute that Townhall really does represent the finest, most cutting edge conservative thought available anywhere, online or off. That’s why it features Chuck Norris. Not to mention Mike Adams. Or Doug Giles.


Anyone surprised to discover at Townhall Dot Com a completely ludicrous smear against an astoundingly centrist Democratic president is either dangerously naive or an “MSM” journalist, or both. Gonna be a fun four years for those of us who like saying “fuck” online, I’ll tell you that for free.

Fret not, Marc. I’m totally sure Hugh Hewitt isn’t saying nasty things about you (and your barely concealed Liberal Bias™) behind your back. *snicker*

(Cue backpeddling “you foul-mouthed angry left bloggers don’t recognize teh jokes” post in 3…2…1…)

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  1. tas says:

    You have to love the Townhall reaction:

    My immediate response to Marc would be that to understand Townhall is to understand that we represent a broad array of conservative voices and opinions. In fact, we do not even publish editorials or take editorial positions.


    I am of the opinion that anyone advancing the notion that Obama is not a citizen, and thus not qualified to become president, is actually undermining the conservative cause. Sadly, this ridiculous “conspiracy theory” will only serve to undermine the legitimate attacks on Obama, by casting us all in the role of zealots.

    Which is great. But! This Townhall guy (Matt Lewis; I’ve never heard of him) doesn’t really address the opinion of Townhall as a whole, or his opinion of Townhall if they are accepting cash from conspiracy groups he hates in order the have Townhall advise to said groups. Which makes me wonder… If a pro-choice organization ponied up the cash and told Townhall, “Here’s the dough, now email our ad to your Spotlight listserv”, would they do it?

    Probably not.

    Yet Townhall is more than willing to email an advertisement making false and ridiculous claims against the next president of the United States, who they don’t ideologically agree with. I suuuuure this is all a coincidence.

    What a bunch of teabags. This is the state of the conservative movement in a nutshell, and we saw this all throughout the Bush years and the McCain campaign: Say the most extreme and slanderous thing possible, then attribute it to the supposed extremists of your side. The act gets old. One either means what they say (through allowing advertising of otherwise) or doesn’t say it at all. By allowing extremist conspiracy theories to be aired, Townhall demonstrates that such theories are not on the fringes of conservative thought. Far from it.

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