They’re Ready To Sign the Letter of Confession

The discerning and intellectually rigorous Michelle Malkin:

Rosie O’Donnell is still convinced George Bush and Dick Cheney did it.

These five jihadists, however, are apparently ready to trade the Troof for the truth:

Five men charged with plotting the Sept. 11 attacks say they are ready to make confessions.

The military judge assigned to their war-crimes trial at Guantanamo Bay read aloud a letter in which the five co-defendants said they “request an immediate hearing session to announce our confessions.”

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed has already told interrogators he was the mastermind of the Sept. 11 attacks. Now he’s telling the judge that he and the others want to make confessions at their trial.

The judge, Army Col. Stephen Henley, is asking each defendant if they are prepared to enter a plea. So far three of them said Monday they agree with the letter. Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for all five.

Two thoughts:

  1. If you want confessions, torture works.
  2. You cannot get someone to see the nose in front of their face if their ideological self-image depends on their not seeing it.

2 Responses to “They’re Ready To Sign the Letter of Confession”

  1. Monkeyfister says:

    Room 101 must have been especially hard on them.

    ‘Under the spreading chestnut tree

    I sold you and you sold me –‘

    The Bushies will make martyrs out of all of them instantly.



  2. Thomas Paine says:

    glad someone realizes Malkin is a fool.

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