“This should be a fight over the official prayer itself”

Steve Benen puts the Rick Warren controversy in broader perspective:

The real problem isn’t with who will give the invocation, but rather, the fact that there’s going to be an invocation in the first place. We had 144 years of presidential inaugurations, dating back to George Washington, in which there was no invocation and no benediction. This shouldn’t be a fight over which pastor delivers the prayer; this should be a fight over the official prayer itself.

If anyone needed an indication of how the contemporary Evangelical movement has drastically shifted the intellectual landscape of the public commons, the manner in which this debate has been framed–the existence an inaugural invocation accepted as a given, rather than challenged as an ahistorical anomaly–certainly provides a stark illustration.

2 Responses to ““This should be a fight over the official prayer itself””

  1. tas says:

    These are the same people who added “under God” to the Pledge of Allegiance then claim it’s tradition.

  2. PirateRo says:

    I agree completely. Cut the damned crap out.

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