Here’s something to make you feel good on a gray, snowy day.


6 Responses to “Undiscovered”

  1. Chief says:

    I do not have a clue as to who he is. Please enlighten me.

  2. Kathy says:

    LOL. James Morrison. He’s 24, from England, and although several of his earlier songs were huge hits in the UK, he was pretty much unknown in the U.S. until “Undiscovered” came out in 2006 I still don’t think many people know him; the only reason I do is because I heard “Undiscovered” on my Pandora radio station (and don’t ask me to tell you what that is! — go to http://www.pandora.com) 🙂

  3. Chief says:

    Pandora – neat. I’m listening to Kris.

    Merci, beaucoup.

  4. Moscow says:

    Has listened with pleasure. Thanks.

  5. Moscow says:

    Though all could not translate

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