What’s up, Gaza?

We often hear about the violent side of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict because that’s more sensational, but we’re subjected to much less about normal, day to day life there.  So what’s normalcy in Gaza right now?

Smuggled through tunnels from Egypt, sheep were not selling well in a Gaza market on the eve of a Muslim holiday in which the animals are slaughtered and their meat is donated to the poor.

‘People here are just watching one another and nobody is buying,’ complained sheep merchant Omar Fuji. ‘The prices are higher because we had to pay a $100 fee to the tunneller on every sheep that came through.’

And why aren’t Palestinians buying the sheep?

‘It is a difficult Eid [holiday]. There are no salaries, no cash at banks. Electricity is cut most of the day,’ said Ezzel-Deen Abu Amira, a 42-year-old civil engineer.

Some 77,000 Gaza employees have not received their November pay and banks have been shut since Thursday because they do not have enough money to operate. Israel cut off imports of cash and other goods this month as cross-border violence rose.

And thus we see normal, day to day life in the Gaza Strip. Some people call news like this anti-semitic; others call it “context”.

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  1. Marc says:

    Daily life in Gaza is most of all a life in which you almost can’t breath and one may take this literally for the blockade of gas forces the inhabitants to use salad oil to fuel their taxis et.al. So clouds of smoke hang all over Gaza. Thats just one aspect but it remindes the palestinians that they are beleaguered 365 days a year. Thats the difference – and what a huge one! – between Gaza and Israel. Both suffer under violent attacks from extremists (Hamas or the settlers), but only the arabs live under daily, permanent suppression.

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