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Much of the news lately has been terrible, and it’s all we’ve discussed.  So a mental break of audio awesomeness is in order.  I just sent this email to some friends and, well, since I’m too lazy to rewrite it into a post, I’ll copy and paste the email.  Follow the instructions, you’ll get the jist.

Subj: This is supposed to be the most hated song ever, based on polling

This email (post) will involve some work, but I think it’s worth it.  Otherwise, I wouldn’t be sending this to you (publishing it).

On tonight’s This American Life, they did a show about how people apply statistics to their love life, art, and my focus with this email, music.  One musician hired a professional pollster to ask people what they like the most and least about a song.  He would then write and record music according to the results of both polls.

The first song featured on the radio show, the most popular, sounds like your standard crappy pop song.  But the most hated song..  Is just twisted.

For example, the poll determined that people hate opera singers and rappers the most.  So the composer hired an opera singer to rap.  And she’s rapping over a chorus of children singing (also hated), while the tuba (hated) is used to keep the bass line, plus bagpipes and accordions (hated, and hated) are frequently used in the, uh, breakdowns.

Oh btw, people polled hated long songs — so this song is 21 minutes long.  21 minutes of an opera singer rapping to tubas and children screaming.  This really makes me contemplate purchasing the CD of both songs for 13 bucks (, and the website includes more info).  Which, unfortunately, means that MP3’s aren’t available.

You can hear snippets (and believe me, you want to) by listening to the TAL episode here:

The segment starts 16:35 into the show, so you have to manually go there (that’s the “work” portion of this email (post)).

Believe me, you’ll want to hear this.

2 Responses to “And now for something completely different”

  1. This is my new theme song.

  2. DrGail says:

    It made my dog howl.

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