CommentsCast, Episode #2 – Masters of Measurements

In producing our second podcast this week we ventured once again into new territory (at least for us) by conducting a podcast with four participants; TAS, Kathy, Kyle and me. Now I have to admit that I have some broadcast experience having served first as a DJ  and then as the Sports Director at WIDR 89.1 FM in my final year at Western Michigan University, but that doesn’t mean I have a clue when it comes to creating a podcast. The good news is this week we were able to employ the services of our resident “man behind the scenes” if you will, Dustin Metzger, who spent a ridiculous amount of time combing over our ums and uh’s to give you what is hopefully an enjoyable hour of podcasting fun. Many thanks Dustin!

Since this week’s news was dominated by two main topics, Blago and Israel, those were the ones we chose to focus our discussion. For some background information to accompany the discussion TAS has provided the following…

For further information of Israel’s connections to Islamist groups that led to the birth of Hamas, listen to Democracy Now! from 1/26/2006.  Goodman interviews Robert Dreyfuss, the author of “Devil’s Game”, and he discusses these connections in detail.

For context on the conflict…it could take a couple shows to discuss all the context in any real detail, but I suggest people start learning for themselves by Googling “nakba” — Arabic for catastrophy.  That’s what Palestinians call the 1948 war.  Anyone looking for a good book that deals evenhandedly with both sides of the conflict, “The Lemon Tree” by Sandy Tolan is excellent.  It’s a history book written like a novel, and only novel length to boot.

We hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed recording.

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3 Responses to “CommentsCast, Episode #2 – Masters of Measurements”

  1. tas says:

    Dustin did a great job in post-production. I don’t like like half the idiot I thought I would with the “uhm’s” and crap that existed beforehand.

  2. You want to know the funny thing?

    I actually say the ums on purpose…

    It’s kind of complicated, but a long while ago, I got in the practice of talking to myself and injecting the ums into my conversations with myself because I thought they made me sound smarter…

    I am sad, I know, but think of it like wearing lensless eyeglasses to make you look smarter…

    Okay, I’m leaving now!

    Dustin did do a GREAT JOB, and man isn’t that guitar music WAY COOL!

  3. Kathy says:

    Tas, I had the same reaction listening to my voice. I *know* I had a lot of ums and uhs in there, and Dustin made me sound so smooth!


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