Don’t bring a knife to a missile fight

Despite wanting to gather opinions from all sides concerning Israel’s latest aggression in Gaza, it’s getting to the point where I just can’t read the Israeli side anymore. For example, take this “legal” justification of the over 400 deaths in Gaza that Israel is responsible for: “If someone runs at you with a knife to stab you at the heart – you are allowed to take defensive action.

Oh really?  So if you impose economic sanctions on a community of millions that basically places them in poverty, is that community allowed to defend itself?  When you forcibly take somebody’s home, aren’t they allowed to defend their property — and return?

I’m sick of these “justifications” and deluded proclaimations of “self-defense” without any hint of self-awareness; a willing disregard of history that led to the conflict.  What’s even more disgusting is an Israeli scholar using the Holocaust as an excuse for Israel’s policy to further ossify the Palestinians as third world citizens who have no rights.  Horrific deaths to justify horrific deaths.  How do these people sleep at night?

As I’ve mentioned before, Palestinians certainly deserve some blame for the hostility of the situation.  There’s a lot of blame to go around here, but the origins of this conflict go back to Zionism.  Why do you think that Arabs weren’t even mentioned in the Balfour Declaration when, at the time it was issued in 1917, Jews only made up 10% of Palestine’s population?  The Zionists didn’t give a shit about Palestinians then, and they care even less now.  If Israel and its defenders ever want the violence to end, the first thing they need to do is acknowledge the crimes they’ve committed and feel some goddamn remorse for once in their lives.

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