There’s so much wrong here that I don’t know where to begin.  So I’ll just  point out that while working for a supposed media organization as a reporter to comment on the war in Gaza, Joe the Plumber has said that the media shouldn’t be allowed to report about wars.

Without any hint of irony.


I think we all know what this kind of quality wingnut reporting deserves…

Ah-hah!  You thought it would be Captain Picard ordering Commander Ryker to facepalm, but no!  Joe the Plumber is so fucking dumb, it has caused both Picard and Ryker to facepalm simultaneously!  Anyone with a sense of shame will understand the cosmic meaning of this.  And anyone not in that category (ie: all the trolls who will surely comment on this post) probably never graduated from the second grade and I hope they haven’t bred yet, since no matter how fucking dumb somebody is, they always seem to figure out a way to create more stupid people.

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