Hillary’s Bottom

As TPM reports, Hillary Clinton arrived to take over the reins at Foggy Bottom today and she was received by a cheering crowd of State Department employees.

We can now expect diplomacy to play (a much welcome) larger role in our foreign policy and a decrease in the patronage that limited the efficiency of our international development projects.

Another good day for America and the World.

UPDATE: The New York Times has more on Hillary’s arrival at Foggy Bottom.  The NYT report also contains this tidbit:

At lunchtime, President Obama and Vice President Biden were scheduled to come to the department to meet Mrs. Clinton and speak to the staff. Together, they will announce the two emissaries, George J. Mitchell, who will oversee Arab-Israeli issues, and Richard C. Holbrooke, who will have the title special representative and handle Pakistan and Afghanistan.

I am very optimistic with Holbrooke as the special representative on Pakistan and Afghanistan. He has a great mind and excellent experience in dealing with these tricky situations involving many mutually mistrusting ethnic groups.

Mitchell was great on Ireland, but he has probably the hardest job in the world in trying to make progress on the Israel/Palestine issue. I like the fact that picking such a heavy hitter from the start shows a real commitment to progress.

One Response to “Hillary’s Bottom”

  1. gcotharn says:

    Mitchell and Holbrooke are serious, adult selections. I like Holbrooke okay in Af/Pak. Would not like him so much on Isra/Palestine.

    Mitchell, working on Eng/Ire, had advantage of working inside shared cultural mores. In Isra/Palestine, I hope Mitchell understands the difference between Western guilt culture and Muslim/Arab Tribal shame culture. Such understanding is crucial in accomplishing any movement towards solution. I’m very interested to see what Mitchell might or might not be able to accomplish. I hope the ordeal of Israel’s latest offensive can prompt some negotiation opportunities which might not have previously existed.

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