Honesty and peace, they go hand in hand. And without one…

For the past eight years Bush has used the “Blame the Beaten Wife” argument against Palestinians, so his implementation of it again in his radio address today isn’t surprising.  Likewise, maybe this part of is speech isn’t surprising, either, but I think it’s worthy of closer inspection:

He expressed concern about the humanitarian suffering of the Palestinian people in Gaza, but again blamed this on Hamas.

“By spending its resources on rocket launchers instead of roads and schools, Hamas has demonstrated that it has no intention of serving the Palestinian people,” Bush said.

The assumption here is that the Palestinian people are free to live their lives how they wish and build a society.  You have to be pretty ignorant of history to believe this, but Bush is talking to Americans here…  So we have a lot of people who believe this.

I could whip out the traditions arguments against Bush’s assertion: Israel’s economic blockade of the Occupied Territories: controlling how much water and electricity they do (and don’t receive), continually taking their land, building walls around their society that separate the territories from the rest of the world, etc.  And all of that is important, but first we need a visual representation of oppression.

2006 Electoral Districts of the Occupied Territories

2006 Electoral Districts of the Occupied Territories

Here’s a colored map of the West Bank and Gaza Strip, where most Palestinians live.  The dark green spots show the parts of the territories which are nominally under the control of Palestinians.  As you can tell, the areas that Palestinians “control” in their own territory is startlingly fragmented — how could anyone even claim that Palestinians are free to build their own society when they are given so little land build upon?

And where it’s not dark green?  Could be an Israeli-only highway, could be Israeli settlers who are surrounded by the IDF for protection.  Last July, a Guardian reporter went to a West Bank town (which I would surmise to not be in a dark green zone) and made a must-see audio slideshow of how differently Palestinians and Israeli settlers are treated there.  The slideshow gives you a personal view of all the traditional arguments: land and water control, electricity, checkpoints, etc.  Is this the Palestinian freedom that Bush speaks of?  Is he kidding?

As for the dark green spots, some will point out that all of Gaza is dark green because Israel moved all of its settlers out of there.  So they’re free, right?  I think the past couple of weeks have given us an answer to that question — an indisputable fact that only a stubborn idiot would protest against.

Which brings us back to Bush.

One wonders what Bush’s motivations are.  With less than 20 days left in office, does he have any motivation left?  Does he actually believe what his speech writers tell him to say even though it can easily be debunked by a blogger with half an hour to kill?  Is Bush actually that stupid?  Or is Israel holding a gun to Bush’s head, telling him that they’ll spend billions on arms from Russia instead of us if he doesn’t pimp their public relations points about how war against Palestinians is an awesome thing?   Though interesting to ponder, we won’t know the answer for quite a while (if ever, depending on how many documents the Bush administration shreds on its way out the door).

What is important to note is that, whether or not Bush knows he’s lying, he’s not helping.  By arguing that Palestinians are free and choose to be terrorists, Bush does not honestly assess the dire situation the Palestinians live under every day.  How can a peace process even begin when one side isn’t represented honestly?

Thus, the cycle of violence continues.  Thanks Bush.  Please be sure to fuck the hell off on your way out, you warmongering fucking asshole.

13 Responses to “Honesty and peace, they go hand in hand. And without one…”

  1. Kathy says:

    You have to be ignorant not just of history but of current events. How can Hamas build roads and schools when none of the raw materials that are needed to build roads and schools can get past the IDF at the border crossings? Every single sector of the Palestinian economy is being strangled to death: construction, fishing (Palestinians who go out in small boats on the ocean are arrested and imprisoned), agriculture (Israel controls all the water sources, parts for farm machinery and items like fertilizer cannot get past the blockade), Palestinians cannot sell the products of their labor, and they can’t cross the border to work in Israel. Unemployment in Gaza right now is hovering around 50%. And all this has been going on since Hamas won, fair and square, in internationally monitored democratic elections. That’s over two years now. This IS a form of genocide.

  2. Way to go on the conclusion … sure to win hearts and minds that way!

  3. radical_Moderate says:

    The situation between the Palestinians and Israel has outraged me for years, but despite the growing outrage of more moderate people around the world, the USA’s policy in the region remains calcified around the trite proclaimation that “Isreal has a right to defend itself.” Bwah humbug I say. Sadly, and I hope that I am wrong in view of Obama’s friendship with Professor Khalidi, I don’t believe that our bias toward Israel will change much with the incoming administration; the Israeli Lobby in this country is far too powerful, and any person that points this salient fact out is immediately called a “anti-semite” and is effectively shut down. I am happy to think that fewer Americans are buying the propaganda on the issue that has been doled out to us in the last 40 years, sadly our Politicians choose to ignore this sea change in opinion. Add to tour blind support of Israel a possible election victory for Likkud in the next election, and the situation in the region will remain dire.

  4. Alex says:

    They cant get the raw materials needed for building roads and getting food to civilians yet somehow thousands of rockets just magically appeared in Gaza. And the blockades are for security purposes, do a little reading before posting a blog. As soon as Hamas came to power in 2005, it started firing rockets into Israel and then you simplistic liberals wonder why on earth would Israel put a blockade on Gaza.

  5. tas says:

    And I suppose bombs win more hearts and minds, Americandouchebag? Fuck you.

    Alex, I’m sure all the tar one needs to build a road can fit in a rocket. Fuck you, hard.

  6. Kathy says:

    And the blockades are for security purposes, do a little reading before posting a blog.

    And how is that working? Is Israel secure now?

    Perhaps you should do a little questioning of what you read instead of accepting it at face value. Any fool can see that sealing up Gaza so no one and nothing can get get in or out is not making Israel secure.

  7. Ohad says:

    The self-styled “progressives” need to get a dose of reality. The rocket fire proceeded the blockade, not the other way around. Progressives can’t possibly think that Israel soaking up more and more rocket attacks helps wins the hearts and minds of Palestinians – the opposite is true ie. soaking them up encourages more attacks.

  8. Alex says:

    Another question is, do you think Hamas will stop firing rockets if Israel ends the blockade? If you do, then they surely need to lock you up in an insane asylum. Hamas will not quit until Israel is destroyed, blockade or none, it doesn’t matter. Read their charter.

  9. tas says:

    The attitude of you troll scumfucks is part of the reason why there’s no peace in Israel. Do you even feel guilty for the deaths you’re partly responsible for, you despicable fucks?

  10. Alex says:

    Not at all. All terrorists should fucking suffer, the slower the better. And that goes for anybody that supports them. You’d feel the same way if you knew anything of the real world.

  11. Kathy says:

    Hamas will not quit until Israel is destroyed, blockade or none, it doesn’t matter.

    Alex, if you think Hamas has the capability to destroy Israel with untargeted rockets that are so ineffective they have killed only about 20 Israelis since the beginning of this decade, then you are the one who needs to check into an insane asylum. And no, I am not saying the killing of only 20 Israelis, or only one for that matter, by Hamas rockets, is a trivial thing. It is not. But it’s not the destruction of Israel, either. Shooting rockets at Israel is a very bad thing; it violates international law, and it’s a crime, but it’s not going to destroy Israel. These are two separate things you’re talking about.

    On the other hand, Israel *does* have the capacity to destroy Gaza, and the West Bank, and everyone living in those places. I’m not saying Israel is doing that, or has the intention of doing that. But it certainly could if it wanted to. And in Gaza, right now, the Palestinian population is at very real risk of death and/or serious physical harm due to lack of food and clean water, diseases caused by poor hygienic and sanitation conditions, lack of adequate medical care, or any at all, and of course the continuing violence.

    You say you don’t care about all the Palestinians who have died because “All terrorists should fucking suffer, the slower the better. And that goes for anybody that supports them.” Does that include children and their mothers? The elderly? Pregnant women? Many Palestinians as well as others in that region think that Israeli soldiers in the IDF are terrorists, and that Israeli civilians who support the IDF are just as bad. Maybe if you were seeing your neighborhood turned into rubble and your friends and family blown up in front of you, you would feel the same way, or at least understand the feeling. If you were pulling bodies of women and children out of the rubble of bombed buildings, and one of them was a seven-year-old child, and that child had been decapitated by the force of the bomb, how would you feel?

    I’m not trying to suggest such horrors justify firing rockets into Israel — they don’t. I’m saying that Palestinians in Gaza are just as human as Israelis in Sderot. And I can understand why ordinary Palestinians might support Hamas fighters just as I can understand why Israelis might support what the IDF is currently doing in Gaza.

    I think it’s very important that we stop dehumanizing people who are living in conditions that we cannot even imagine. That goes for both sides, regardless of what political position one takes on the substantive issues involved.

  12. Alex says:

    Hamas strikes Israel with the specific intention of hurting innocent civilians. Israel takes great pains to make sure no civilians are hurt. Who has the moral high ground?

  13. radical_Moderate says:

    Israel takes “great pains” not to kill civilians by dropping bombs on the most densely populated strip of land on Earth? Yeah right.

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