Coming to Grips with a Likable President

All throughout the 2008 campaign season one of the most enduring themes was of Obama’s “celebrity”.  Used by both Hillary and McCain this label was an attempt to paint Obama as a superficial and unqualified candidate, to make him seem like an empty suit.

These attacks, ultimately, backfired and they did so for one reason:  people like Obama.  He comes from the same background so many of us come from while showing just how much someone with drive can accomplish, is extremely intelligent, physically fit, photogenic, and not afraid to argue progressive ideals in a way that draws support of people left, right, and center.  What it basically boils down to is that  people like Obama, and he’s become a celebrity, because he’s earned it. Even McCain’s “Celeb”-spot ad guru, Fred Davis, thinks Obama’s earned his status.

“He is the new president of the United States,” Davis says. “He did raise about a billion dollars, he did revolutionize politics with African-Americans and the young, and he did win by a healthy margin in the electoral vote. Guess I think he’s earned some degree of celebrity.”

This is, of course, driving the right wing blogosphere nuts.  But then, what could one expect after 8 years of cheerleading for one of the least liked, and most ruinous, administrations in American history?

7 Responses to “Coming to Grips with a Likable President”

  1. Sister Toldjah says:

    two words…


  2. tas says:

    Hey Sister Toldjah, go blow it out your ass. You’re a stupid fucking hack who couldn’t write something intelligent if it crawled up your leg and tickled your pubes.

  3. tas says:

    What I was about to say, before politely replying to the sister, is that I think the celebrity meme against Obama backfired because he is too intelligent for that meme to be true. Unlike politicians like Bush who use family connections to get into Yale and then suck as students, Obama not only works his way into Coumbia and Harvard but becomes president of Harvard Law Review. That takes brains. If anybody was a celebrity in the empty pant suit mold, it was friggen Bush.

  4. Dustin says:

    Now, now Tas, be nice when the trolls come biting. Nothing gets under the skin of a wingnut more than a person who they know is right, calls them on their idiocy, and doesn’t cower or start ranting when said wingnut starts growling like a chihuahua turned attack dog because they’ve got no honest responses left. At least, that’s my experience.

    And Todjah: Back at ya lady. Funny that you don’t even have the gumption to come here, act like a playground brat, and still keep the story trackback up back at your own site. But then, I suppose your site doesn’t exactly thrive on open discussion or constructive criticism, does it?

  5. Kathy says:

    But then, I suppose your site doesn’t exactly thrive on open discussion or constructive criticism, does it?

    No, it doesn’t. I can attest to that, eh, Sister?

  6. tas says:

    Toldjah doesn’t like being “toldjah!” by people with brains.


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