Send Bob Simon and “60 Minutes” Some Support

I just sent the following message to Bob Simon at “60 Minutes”:

I am Jewish, and from a family of Holocaust survivors, and I want you to know how deeply I appreciate your piece on “60 Minutes” about the way Palestinians are forced to live under Israeli military occupation on the West Bank.

Your report was truthful, factual, and sensitively done. I also think you showed a great deal of courage in airing it (that, of course, goes to both you and the CBS management).

My paternal grandmother died in Sobibor, as did most of my father’s extended family in the Netherlands, and it pains me beyond expression to see Jews degrading and dehumanizing and brutalizing another powerless people. Whether or not it’s exactly comparable to the Holocaust is not the point. The point is that Jews should not be doing this at all.

Again, thank you. I hope you know that, no matter how loud and vicious the voices are on the blindly pro-Israel side, there are many, many, many more of us on the side that believes human rights belong to everyone, and not just one group.


Kathy Kattenburg

If anyone else wants to do the same, go here (you can edit the already-prepared message, or write your own).

3 Responses to “Send Bob Simon and “60 Minutes” Some Support”

  1. Chief says:


    I am “PROUD” to call you friend.

  2. Taher Shriteh says:

    Bob is a freedom fighter. I know him since 1987. I worked with him to cover news from Gaza for 13 years. He is very courageous, objective and fair journalist. I’m extremely proud of this man. I wish him good health. Taher Shriteh

  3. Fred Lerner says:

    Are you aware of this item?

    Thanks for your time!


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