When Is It Okay to Bash the Corporate Profit Model?

Answer: When it costs a wingnut his source of income.

Added: TBogg:

Nobody could have anticipated that Pajamas Media would sucker the rubes and then destroy teh intertubes[.]


The comments are like a Sam Shepard play where the repressed loathing and petty jealousies bubble to the surface for our entertainment.

Check out the rightie blogger commentary at Memeorandum. It’s amusing.

One Response to “When Is It Okay to Bash the Corporate Profit Model?”

  1. tas says:

    Donklephant crunches ad revenue numbers and raises some good questions about what PJM is thinking here. Basically, he asks where all the money went. After collecting revenue from ads and paying staff, PJM still should have been able to pay its bloggers. Beyond that, the ad revenue seems to be PJM’s only source of revenue — and they just cut themselves off from it! So what the hell is going on here?

    PJM claims to be focusing on PJTV, which everyone agrees is garbage. And after the failure of Hot Air (Michelle Malkin’s outfit which went from producing its own vlogs to simply linking to Youtube), how can PJTV possibly see vlogging as a viable business model? Especially with no revenue stream?

    Another theory is that because of the economic downturn, ad revenue just wasn’t coming in anymore. I’ve noticed that PJM sites have only run one ad lately, the HR Block one — everything else was a tower ad for some crappy PJTV show. Between all of its sites, PJM claims to receive 29 million impressions a month; and advertisers might translate that into a lot of eyeballs until they realize that the people reading Instapundit are also the same people who read LFG, Roger Simon, etc.. So that 29 million could actually only be 5-10 million people (or less). If PJM is charging ad rates based on an audience of 29 million that doesn’t exist, that could explain a lack of ads.

    It still doesn’t explain why PJM would cut itself off from its only revenue stream to supposedly focus on PJTV, though. This decision doesn’t make sense. Regardless though, anything that gets douchebags like Jeff Goldstein off the intertubes is fine by me.

    Anyways, to think that at least $3.5 million of venture capital went into this venture and all PJM could produce is a failed ad network and a blog another ho-hum, run of the mill blog aggregate website … That’s just an epic fail right there. Memeorandum is a better aggregate site that started with no venture capital (or pretentious dickwads who insisted that they’re ushering in a new era of media).

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