Where is President Bush?

I believe that one of the things we — as bloggers and blog-readers — often miss by relying heavily on memeorandum, other blogs, and traditional media sources to stimulate our thinking is the story that isn’t being discussed.  For me, trying to identify the stories no one is talking about anywhere is a great exercise in imagination and creativity.  This helps me in my work as well, so I feel like my time is very well spent even if I’m also getting to indulge my morbid fascination with all things political.

Here’s one of those stories that no one seems to be talking about:  If there is such immediacy about doing things to stimulate the economy because every second wasted makes the job that much harder, why isn’t anyone pushing Bush to at least lay the groundwork for what President-elect Obama and his team are hammering out (with Congress’ input)?

Yes, yes, I know there probably isn’t a progressive alive who trusts President Bush to do anything right, particularly when it comes to the economy, but that can’t be the whole reason Bush is never mentioned even when the discussion is about how urgent it is to take action.  And yes, I realize that Bush is deep into clock-watching in these last few weeks as his presidency winds down, but I don’t think that accounts for enough of the variance here either.

So I wonder, could it possibly be the case that the Obama transition team has approached George Bush about implementing some steps to stimulate the economy and he refused?  Wouldn’t he be interested in having a hand in the recovery, if only to leave office on a high note in perceived competence?

Perhaps members of GOP leadership have told him to remain agnostic on the subject and do nothing, in some frantic effort to keep from driving yet another wedge into their fracturing coalition?  Or maybe he just doesn’t care enough to bother?

I’m sure I’m missing something here.  Can anyone help?

3 Responses to “Where is President Bush?”

  1. tas says:

    I imagine anybody will think Bush would be cooperative. This man is so petty that he wouldn’t let the President-elect of the United States stay in the presidential guest house 20 days before he takes office. Let’s face it, the guy’s a major league asshole.

    • DrGail says:

      You may be right, tas, although you’ve shown what I believe to be amazing restraint in your characterization of President Bush. But if someone did all the work for Bush, and just let him sweep in and take the credit for it, don’t you think he’d leap at the chance to add something positive to his legacy (especially right at the last minute, when it’s more likely to be remembered) without exerting himself very much at all?

  2. tas says:

    Depends on your definition of a good legacy. Our definition is different then that of the Republicans. Just a couple weeks ago, this asshole had his cronies goto the media to tell us just how much history will suck his dick (is that less restraint? heh), so it’s not too far-fetched to claim that Bush doesn’t think his legacy is in trouble at all. Despite the fact that he was one of the worst presidents ever… As history will undoubtedly tell.

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