Who’s in control?

Ran across an interesting report in my Twitterfeed today.  Al Jazeera Gaza (AJGaza) had two reports on a brief ceasefire three hours ago…

Report 1:

The Israeli military confirms it has paused military operations in #Gaza for a period of three hours to allow Palesti nians to access aid.

Report 2:

Hamas says it will not fire rockets into Israel during the same period of time, Al Jazeera’s corre spondent reports.

One might say, “Great!  At least they agree to something!”  But not so fast.  Here’s a third report from AJGaza:

One rocket and two mortars fired from #Gaza by Izz al-Din Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas, thirty minutes i nto hostility pause.

So a 180 minute truce lasted all of 30 minutes because of Hamas…  Maybe.

Reading news like this makes me wonder who’s really in control of the Palestinian military operations (if you can even apply such a grand title to a Mickey Mouse system of rockets) in Gaza.  The first update says that Hamas and Israel agreed to the brief ceasefire, but the third update says the Izz al-Din Qassam Brigades were firing rockets.  While the Qassam Brigades are commonly regarded as the military wing of the Hamas party, has anyone considered the notion that they could have autonomy from Hamas?  If the latter is true, then even the Palestinian government Israel claims to be fighting against is more complex then they have presented.

Second thought: These reports also mean that Israel refuses to let any humanitarian aid in unless the rocket fire stops.  Since Israel full well knows that innocent civilians have been harmed as a direct result of their rockets, not giving those citizens access to medical aid which they need puts to rest any notion that Israel isn’t targeting civilians.  Anyone who argues to the contrary is an idiot (and we sure have a lot of those people around, unfortunately).  And isn’t holding back humanitarian aid breaking some international laws?  It’s like Israel hasn’t respected international law since the year of their formation, 1948!  Oh wait, I’m not being sarcastic. Oopsie.

Third thought: Israel may have broken the ceasefire, too.  Here’s a tweet from a Palestinian in Gaza from 2 hours ago:

the occupation bombed my home and iam fin e #gaza

This tweet was posted a couple of hours ago, but it could be in response to the fact that he hadn’t tweeted in a couple of days..  Meaning his house could have been bombed in the past two days and not two hours. It’s still surreal, though, to receive communiqués whose house was just bombed.  Maybe Israel thought his house contained one of those famous Hamas terrorist cells.  Boy they recruit young.

Click here if you want to be even more appalled.  That should tell you who’s really in control.

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