Zimbabwe Inches Further Towards Madness

With everyone’s focus on Gaza right now it’s worth noting that the rest of the world is still just as screwed up as it always was and that there are other trouble-spots worth keeping an eye on.  One incident in particular caught my eye and if it weren’t so rediculous it might actually be humorous.  It seems the entire combined military of Zimbabwe was use for, wait for it, a joint strike to capture three boy scout leaders.

Zimbabwean air force, military, police and intelligence officials raided a boy-scout camp and arrested three white farmers on charges of training insurgents, the Zimbabwe Independent said, citing people it didn’t identify.

On it’s face this story is patently ridiculous.  Mugabe’s regime has single-handedly destroyed his nation.  Their inflation is through the roof, they have food shortages, and violence is common.  The man’s as bad a dictator as they come short of instituting death camps.  So it’s worth taking the “official” take on this incident with a bolder-sized grain of salt.

The adventure camp, known as Kudu Creek, was suspected of being used as a base to train bandits who plan to topple President Robert Mugabe, the Harare-based newspaper reported. The site provides outdoor activities and leadership training for schoolchildren, it said.

There is some backstory worth noting however.  The government is claiming that these three men were members of the Selous Scouts, a 1300-man strong elite Rhodesian anti-terrorist and paramilitary organization that, during The Bush War, accounted for 70% of Mugabe forces casualties.

Whether this is true or not is irrelivent.  Mugabe has destroyed his country, he’s looking for scapegoats and jumping at shadows.

Just thought you should know, because it’s unlikely you’ll hear about this from anywhere else.

h/t: OpFor

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