A message to Roland Burris: “Don’t be a Blagojevich”

Former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich (pronounced Bla -Goy- Ya-Vik) is a special type of person.
People are both repulsed by him and perhaps a little envious. On one hand, he obviously has the brains of a gnat. But on the other, he’s got elephant-sized testicles.

His last big F- You to the world was appointing Roland Burris to President Barack Obama’s coveted Senate seat.

This maneuver knocked everyone on their rumps. You see, Burris is known in Illinois politics as the laughable though lovable loser. He has been around in Chicaco politics for eons. He has unsuccessfully run for office more times than, uh, well, John Mccain. But he is also black. And from day one, he showed us he would do anything to keep that seat, including playing the race card. He even got Bobby Rush to co-sign for him, when he did it.

Burris told the whole world, he wasn’t going anywhere. He had the right to serve. He had done nothing wrong. Blago never asked him for a dime. And he never gave Blagojevich a dime. In Burris own words, he had nothing to give in the first place.

Everyone believed him. After all, it was Burris. He was not a player like Jesse Jackson Jr. He had to be a simple pawn in the game. We sympathized with the Illinois Democrats because they just wanted to seat someone who might be able to hold onto it in the next election. But we also sympathized with Burris because he had been around forever and just wanted to hold statewide office so bad. He kind of reminded me of the geeky kid in junior high, who would always try to sit with the cool kids regardless of how much they insulted him. And it was as if fate had for once intervened, like the principal should have, and told the cool kids to play nice.

It was pathetic, but it was also kind of like political civil disobedience. He told all those Illinois insiders they were going to have to run over the harmless black guy to keep their political train on track.

But, now, it appears Burris did speak to Blago’s people about donations and the Senate seat. He now says he had forgotten about those conversations when denied doing so, under oath, to an impeachment panel.

Here’s how the conversation went down according to Sen. Burris.

“The governor’s brother on a routine fundraising call indicated, ‘I am now the new fundraiser for the governor, and Roland you’ve been helpful for us in the past,’ and I said, ‘Yes, you know, I’ve certainly tried to work with the governor. I’ve tried to help you all. A lot of people didn’t.'”

But then, Burris apparently said this:
“Oh, by the way, in that first conversation with him (Rob in October), so that part is where I raise a question about the Senate seat with him…”

Really now Burris, you forgot?

Well, it looks live the lovable loser has graduated to full-fledge crook status. Maybe Rush will pull him to the side, and say “Hey man. Don’t be a Blagojevich.”

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  1. Chris says:

    Interesting, I wasn’t aware of Burris’s reputation in Illinois. Just when you thought the whole story couldn’t get any sadder. His strained excuses for his earlier denials remind me of the dog ate my homework kind of defense. Here’s my take on it. "The dog ate my testimony…."

  2. Mr. Burris while you are stiill in the senator position, I would like you to prevent any Social Security cut. For some people that is their only income. My sister is one of those people. She was working and a biger company took over Marshall Fields and let the older people go. She would still be working and is alert and capable of working, but now no one will hier her because of her age(82).
    She and I have worked all our lives and have paid into the social security so that is our money. !The Government should not touch that money. Actually we are paying taxes twice , on our pay checks and now again on our social security that we paid into. Please talk to the people that wants to cut Social and tell them not to do it. There is no reason the government can’t give the seniors a small raise in the SS and the Congress raises their pay when ever they want.
    Thank you for your consideration .
    Paula Minwegen.


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