And Yet, It Could Be Worse

There’s been a lot of criticism of President Obama over the past few weeks, and this is in general a good thing. In an adult world of politics, even political allies are deserving of valid criticism.

No President Obama has not done everything perfectly, and there are things that I, and my fellow bloggers, wish he would do differently. I’m not so quick to criticize, not because I think he’s not deserving of the criticism so much as I’m willing to see how things play out as they are being enacted.

But despite all of this, I do think it’s helpful to point out that things could be worse. The Republicans could be in charge.

As I mentioned during our last CommentsCast, I am an avid poll watcher, and DougJ over at Balloon Juice gives us what I think is a very important poll that really highlights an important distinction in what’s going on and what could be going on in the midst of this economic crisis.

The crux of the matter is that despite all the fanfare of Republican obstructionism over the stimulus package, and the Armani Revolution sparked by Rick Santelli and fueled by Michelle Malkin, the GOP has not won any significant political victories. Indeed, by a very wide margin, Americans trust their new President far more than they trust Congressional Republicans. As DougJ above points out, this margin is greater than the last three presidents ever enjoyed over the opposition party in Congress.

And this all just goes to remind us all:  whatever mistakes Obama makes, and whatever disagreements you may have with him, I think it’s an infinitely kinder hell we find ourselves in with him at the helm than had we been stuck with John McCain and a GOP majority. During CommentCast #7, I think I was pretty much dead right when I pointed out that Republicans are children playing politics, no more, no less, and for faults and virtue, President Obama has at least remained an adult.

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  1. Miraj Patel says:

    There is really one group of people that is often ignored when this topic of discussion comes up and that is the true conservatives- the people who are for small government and anti-war policies- many of us are Republicans, but sadly we are tied with the neoconservatives for all the messes they caused in the past few years.

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