CommentsCast, Episode 6 – Illinois Politics, Strippers and Ass-Maps

Seeing that TAS has lived up to his end of our bargain, I was forced to spend the past four hours doing post production on this CommentsCast 6. Between me and you, seeing him with Michelle Malkin makes it all worth it!

If you want in on the joke you will have to listen to this episode.

For the purpose of continuity, a few links were mentioned in this episode that I should repeat.

The Motley Fool blog post about the contents of the stimulus package.

David Brooks reveals the mentality of the Beltway journalist by Glenn Greenwald.

Ass-map inspiration.

Real links for following either TAS or me on Twitter.

And lastly, a link to the app that has helped this humble blogger go completely paperless, Circus Ponies – Notebook 3.0.

Enjoy the show and don’t forget to subscribe to CommentsCast via iTunes.

5 Responses to “CommentsCast, Episode 6 – Illinois Politics, Strippers and Ass-Maps”

  1. A Giant Slor says:

    Ugh… I think more people would listen to your podcast if you edited it down to a half hour, gave us more idea about the contents, and didn’t start off with pointless patter about ball-scratching.

  2. Damien says:

    @ Giant:

    Speak for yourself Giant, I enjoy it just as is. You want a half hour of nothing but straight news? Listen to NPR on your drive to work.

  3. Thanks Damien!

    Positive feedback never gets old!

  4. Kyle beat me to the punch on the thank you’s but I will say it anyway, thanks. Also, any thoughts on what you would like to hear us talk about (or not in the case of Slor) feel free to leave them here.

  5. tas says:

    And if you want to get me a nut scratcher for my birthday so I can avoid pesky germs, email me.


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