CommentsCast, Episode 7 – Give Us Our Two Cents

While I eventually settled on the current title for this episode, “Give Us Our Two Cents,” there was a significant amount of time during the post production when I wanted to to call it “Booger Whistle” or “Wheezer.” This is my way of saying please forgive me for not realizing that my new headset/microphone contraption would pick up the fact that I am struggling with a bit of a cold. Please, please try to ignore this – I promise to submit myself to a full steam bath prior to the next episode hopefully dislodging any potential future booger-whistles.

Now that that is out of the way, let’s move on to the content of today’s podcast. The first thing to note is that Kyle and I were joined today by SylviaM who did a fantastic job of filling the empty seat of TAS. TAS was absent because he apparently decided his morning would be better spent recovering from an evening of binging on beer and Taco Bell. Your Honor, I would like to submit into evidence the following item courtesy of Twitter

Sheets: washed. Bed: made. Food shopping: done. Evil Taco Bell fix: quenched (urp). Beer: drinking. Was that really my to-do list? about 19 hours ago from TweetDeck

Case closed.

But seriously, it was great having Sylvia along for the ride today as I am sure you will all agree.

The rough framework for today’s show is as follows:

Sement 1 – We discussed the following game giveaway Kyle is pimping on behalf of Jay is Games.

Segment 2 – The Oscars and our prediction for best supporting actor.

Segment 3Rick Santelli’s rant and the its effects on the right wing nutjob that is Michelle Malkin.

Segment 4Sean Delonas’ ridiculous New York Post cartoon and and the after effects on the race discussion in America.

Segment 5 Sylvia’s discussion of hypocrisy in the feminist blogosphere.

Oh, and if you are wondering I was able to get in the word Blagojevich twice…

Enjoy the show and don’t forget to subscribe to CommentsCast via iTunes.

7 Responses to “CommentsCast, Episode 7 – Give Us Our Two Cents”

  1. tas says:

    This UN Arab Human Rights Development report I’m writing about, as well as Arabic homework I have to do later, along with some more reading, protests my classification as a beer drinking, fake Mexican food junkie. πŸ˜›

    I’m also kinda sick, too. This report is taking me forever…

  2. Can’t wait to listen to the part I wasn’t able to participate in.

  3. And look at that, we give away free stuff too. We should do something like that every week, tell people where they can get free stuff, you know, cuz of the economy.

  4. Yea, cuz of the economy.

  5. Is alright. I know how you can listen to the audiobook of a NYT bestseller for next time! Cuz of the economy!

    • I have six “free” audiobooks cuz of the economy… ok it is really because of my laziness and the fact that I kept what was only going to be a 14 day free trial of Audible for 14 days plus six months. Oops, I think I need a bailout.


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