Confirm Rep. Hilda Solis as Department of Labor Secretary

Can you believe that Rep. Hilda Solis, strong pro-labor advocate and all-around excellent representative from California, still hasn’t been confirmed for the Labor Secretary position yet? According to the AP, they are conducting a “test vote” to ensure she receives the proper number of votes for confirmation.

I think the delay is unacceptable, and I think the filibuster threat is a distraction from the fact her confirmation has been ridiculously delayed. Feminist Majority has an email blitz campaign going to tell Senators to vote in her favor, and it’d be helpful to promote the effort on your blogs and spread the word. The message is customizable; so feel free to personalize it to your liking.

If you use Twitter, send this message along to your followers with a request to retweet it: Voting on Rep. Hilda Solis!! Contact your Senators NOW: And of course, feel free to tag your tweet with #rebelleft and #confirmsolis.

If you’d like more information to share with your readers about Solis and her pro-worker track record, Sarah Jaffe’s post on Rep. Solis at Alterdestiny’s a good place to start. The SEIU also has blogged about the confirmation and made a great video supporting her.

Please do what you can so that the workers’ voices can enter the White House through Rep. Solis and true change for labor becomes possible.

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