Happy 40th, Mike!

HAHA!!! Happy Birthday Mike! 40, sheesh, that’s… that’s… really old!

12 Responses to “Happy 40th, Mike!”

  1. awww shucks, thanks … and as usual I will now have to fix whatever it is you did to muck up the site you luddite!

  2. Well, you know how I do what I do when I do.

  3. Kathy says:

    Happy Birthday, Mike! (And as someone who has 18.5 years on you, I have only one thing to say to Kyle: You better watch out, buster, the next time I see you, you’re gonna pay.)

    Oh, okay, John Mellencamp said it first, but he’s only one year younger than I am!

  4. By the way, from the looks of this picture I should really consider growing a long beard and getting wire rimmed glasses.

  5. tas says:

    Happy gettin old day, Michael. To celebrate, Kyle got you MS Paint!

  6. terry says:

    Happy Birthday Mike!

    I think Kyle owes you a beer…in fact I think he owes all of us who are 40+ a beer 🙂

  7. Hah! And what is the lesson for today boys and girls? Never, EVER let me know when your birthday is. I’m not nice to people with birthdays.

  8. tas says:

    I was born on May 1 — and everyone said “Mayday! Mayday!”

    My “hah hah” not funny joke about my birthday. I’ll be turning 31 shy of two months now. Personally, I can wait — getting depressed about 30 was bad enough. It’s even gotten to the point where age is catching upto my face. It took away my fucking hair, now it’s giving me wrinkles and I can no longer pass for early 20s. Kinda PO’ed about that one…

  9. Damn, you’re younger then me, I can’t feasibly make fun of you on your birthday.


    I have all my hair and no wrinkles! YAY!

  10. The downside is that I still get acne and when I shave it becomes questionable if I made it all the way through puberty yet.


  11. Kathy says:

    Tas, my father’s birthday was May 1, too.

    And Kyle? My birthday is July 4. Just try being mean to me. See what happens.

  12. Ol'Froth says:

    Happy belated birthday! Of course, I’m 46, so 40 doesn’t seem old to me at all.

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