Let’s talk about tolerance

So, here we are in the middle of a global recession. One that began in our country, the land of plenty. And it is blatantly obvious who and what started. Good old fashioned American greed.

But no one has, until this point, bitch slapped a bank CEO. No one has dragged Alan Greenspan’s supply-side economic thinking ass out into the streets. No one has even taken a baseball bat to Hank Paulson’s car.

No one. And they say America is full of intolerance.
Oh, I’m sorry, I almost forgot. The perpetrators in this scenario were old, rich white guys.

Have we been so whipped into submission as to believe that this is just something that happened to us? The trillions we have lost in our 401K retirement plans. The millions of lost jobs. The millions of foreclosed homes.

Seriously, where’s the outrage?
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4 Responses to “Let’s talk about tolerance”

  1. tas says:

    Nice post and welcome to the club, walkerdev.

    The fact that we’re not talking about firing all of these business school rejects pisses me off. If you’re required to ask for a multi-billion bailout, then you executive and managerial career should be over. Done. Find something else to do with your life, like flipped burgers at McDonalds. Let’s nationalize just to fire these morons then reprivatize by hiring people who are competent. Something, anything, to get these rejects out of a job.

  2. tas says:

    If we say the CEOs did steroids, perhaps Americans would be less forgiving.

  3. walkerdev says:

    Right, and why is everyone acting so outraged and surprised that A-Rod was on steroids anyway?
    What’s the next headline? Water is wet.

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