Per Michael’s Request

In the recording of CommentsCast today, I admitted that I have a photo of myself with Michelle Malkin.  Michael said that if I put this photo on CFLF today, he’ll have CommentsCast mixed down and ready for download later today.  So fulfilling my end of the bargain…

I suppose you’re wondering…

Why the hell am I dressed up like a stiff, obviously at a GOP convention, getting a photo of Michelle Malkin and my shit eating grin?

I was doing the journalism thing at the Conservative Political Action Conference in 2007.  (And there goes my anonymity, oops.)  I saw the golden opportunity to get my photo taken with Malkin and couldn’t pass it up…  I could have gotten a shot with Coulter too, but I would have had to wait in line.

And for a completely off-topic bonus, here’s a song I recorded about Michael Piazza having a mustache (and a mullet).  I know you don’t get it, but it would take waaaaay to much explaining and I don’t have time right now…  Feel free to ask any questions (like “WTF?”) in comments, though.

8 Responses to “Per Michael’s Request”

  1. a giant slor says:


  2. HA!

    Slor, you are going to have to listen to the podcast – I am working now on my end of the bargain… give me a couple more hours.

  3. OH MY GOD!

    It’s a REAL picture!

    I was expecting something photo shopped.

  4. tas says:

    I tell no lies.

    This one isn’t photoshopped, either.. Heh.

  5. Ron Brynaert says:

    Now I know why the first draft of the article was called “Gazing fondly into Malkin’s eyes.”

  6. tas says:

    That was the second draft; the first draft mentioned something about starfish.

  7. repsac3 says:

    Just so you know, tas, that link to the photo “that isn’t photoshopped, either” (this one) from your 2/15, 4:45pm comment, is no longer valid…

    “This public photo link has expired. To see these photos, please ask the owner to generate a new public link.”

    So, I’m askin’…

  8. tas says:

    Thanks repasc3 — I didn’t know Facebook photo links die. Apparently they do, so here’s a new one.

    I hope you also noted that in this very post that American Power linked to, I revealed my identity and what I was doing when I got that photo taken. Their insistence that I kept my identity a secret, and that I’m a stalker, is nothing but slander. They must have some balls to lie in a post then link to evidence proving that they have lied.


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