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Over at Global Comment, Sarah Jaffe, in a devastatingly on-target critique, utterly eviscerates yesterday’s head-pattingly patronizing L.A. Times article/future-bird-cage-liner (where the credentials of Dr. Jill Biden were examined [and dismissed] in a manner that was maddeningly glib, highly gendered–and entirely sexist).

Jaffe’s point about the underlying (and intersecting) double standards at play is especially sharp:

I have to wonder, if we were discussing a male academic who taught at a prestigious Ivy League university, the reporter would feel the need to spend the entire piece debating whether he deserved the prefix “Dr.”

The article’s dismissive tone is symptomatic of the way the media treats women, particularly accomplished women in the public eye. Jill Biden has several advanced degrees, and yet chooses to teach in a community college, helping students who often cannot afford to attend school full-time. This is worthy of respect, not a quibble over whether she deserves the title as much as someone who stitches up wounds, treats skin conditions, or performs nose jobs.

Highly recommended reading–the whole damn thing, goddammit.


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  1. Kathy says:

    I just read it. It’s really sad that a woman wrote that piece of trash. I don’t remember the last time I came across just a glaringly, no-holds-barred example of misogyny.

    My brother has a Ph.D. in neurosciences and after he earned the degree, he called himself “Dr. Dave.” He has kind of a jaunty sense of humor, but point is, he earned the degree, and any Ph.D. has the right to call him or herself “Dr.” That’s what they are.

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