Rupert Murdoch to handle the day-to-day at News Corp.

Now, here’s some good news.

Rupert Murdoch, the Australian Scrooge, is going to allow the contract to expire for his No. 2 in charge, Peter Chernin.

Chernin has been handling the day-to-day operations of News Corp for the past 12 years. And guess who plans to fill Chernin’s shoes — the old dog himself.

News Corp., for everyone who does not know, owns the Wall Street Journal (as of August 2007, it was the worst thing that could have happened to the already right-leaning WSJ), the New York Post (a right wing racist piece of shit newspaper), Fox News (a right wing racist piece of shit news channel), Direct TV,, IGN Entertainment, Fox Searchlight Films, among other things. In the lead up to the War in Iraq, he used his 175 newspaper holdings to push the war.

Fortunately, Murdoch, who is pushing 70, is reportedly impossible to work with. He’s apparently got that annoying CEO ADD: Can’t remember or focus on shit and apparently he has no interest or aptitude for running the entertainment division — the one that actually makes money — of his entire operation. Murdoch has built his empire off a pretty simple premise. There are a bunch of right wing, racist, homophobic, war mongering idiots in America. And they wanted their own news outlet. He gave it to them and has made billions.

But he was not able to do this without Chernin. Chernin has the bugger between Murdoch’s bullying and insanity and the rest of the world. Chernin has been minding the store with Murdoch deals with his divorces, his kids and the pan-continental assortment of conservative politicians he keeps in his back pockets.

Without Chernin, Murdoch won’t even remember where the corporate toilets are.

At present, News Corp.’s stock is trading around seven dollars a share. That’s a 75 percent plummet from its peak.


6 Responses to “Rupert Murdoch to handle the day-to-day at News Corp.”

  1. Bennie says:

    Bennie on February 24th, 2009 5:59 pm Re: medias inept coverage of all issues related to race…

    Mike Tomlin was a coach in the NFL before he got the head coachng Job. Defensive coordinator is a lot closer than 1/2 term senator you jokers.
    (Prior to joining the Steelers, Tomlin spent the 2006 season as the Minnesota Vikings’ defensive coordinator after spending the previous five seasons (2001-05) as defensive backs coach for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.)
    (Tomlin was a three-year starter at wide receiver at William and Mary (1990-94) and finished his career with 101 receptions for 2,046 yards and a school-record 20 TD catches. A first-team All-Yankee Conference selection in 1994, he established a school record with a 20.2 yards-per-catch average.)
    (Before becoming Minnesota’s defensive coordinator, Tomlin was defensive backs coach for five seasons for one of the NFL’s top defenses in Tampa Bay. Tomlin’s defensive backs earned numerous honors for their play during his coaching tenure. In 2005 Tampa Bay led the NFL in total defense, allowing 277.8 yards per game, and finished 6th in the league against the pass (183.1 avg.).
    This article seems to say all blacks are hypersensitve to any criticsm or JOKE, unless a black guy does it that we like (see Chris Rock – Not Bill C.??) (I feel ya on this one though). But with that being said’ this is more nonsense from the ignorant left who don’t understand (or actually do understand, but the receivers don’t get it!), that handouts keep people down. You teach them to fish, not give them a fish. You earn what you get, not a handout.

    Anyway, walkerdev your argument is the same as mine is in many ways: as in for any survey, or article written about what “black people” think, I always think about how they never asked me. I am not a victim anymore (nor was I ever)!!!! This piece of crap certainly does not speak for me. And like I said, we as blacks in America a generally god fearing folks and don’t support a lot of the liberal agenda but we think we do! You are ignorant, as in you just don’t know what you don’t know my friend.

    AND I ALSO NOTICED YOU TWO GENIUSES THAT SAID I WAS IGNORANT NEVER EVEN TOUCHED THIS “What was historic was for the first time in modern history, we have elected a President who hasn’t run a business, or served a complete term in the legislature, who hasn’t led – A TOWN, A CITY, MADE ANY BUDGET FOR A TOWN OR CITY and/OR GOVERNED anything! ” (OK I ADDED A BIT)…


    Also, you show your ignorance with your blog: the “right wing piece of shit” quotes don’t really read that good bro. Thanks for helpin’ us out with the intelligence dumbass.Yeah, a brotha has to say shit in his damn blog, thanks man, thanks. That a lefty for ya! Yeah I’m black and I’m 34 and we cannot keep worrying about nonsense. If we didn’t have rappers acting like asses and spewing nonsensical raps about titties and hoes, and went back to old school jams, I mean hell, people think Rap is ‘Gansta Rap’. It didn’t even start out that way. It used to be about dancin’ and “stop the violence”, even NWA wasn’t really about the bad shit until they realized it sold. Listen to the lyrics of Dopeman, it is actually against being a dope dealer. Anyway, please for the love of god, stop worrying about what whitey thinks, and be intelligent enought to not have to use terms like (piece of shit) in your blog. That is the shit that keeps us down. email me if you’d like to discuss further.

    BTW – I am also pretty sure most stocks are far from their peaks! What great insight! Also, let Mcswain know he is a dumbass too.
    Also, I notice how you paint all “conservatives” with a broad brush, be consistent please.
    BTW – I am neither conservative nor liberal because in the end the middle is where you find many answers and much more harmony.

  2. Macswain says:

    Dude, I’m not even going to bother reading your lengthy diatribe. Just from seeing the mixed use of ALL CAPS its obviously the ramblings of a nutter.

    Simply put, America voted and felt Obama’s experiences were relevant. America rejected McCain’s argument as t what qualifies as appropriate experience. Most importantly, America rejected the notion that McCain’s “experience” justified another 4 years of failed rightwing economic and foreign policy.

    McCain’s ideas, and those of the right, were rejected. Get over it. Your ideas lost.

  3. Bennie says:

    McCain was a terrible candidate as well. In the end, I think Hillary would have been the best. Also, my real point was that you were wrong about Tomlin! . You and I both know the majority of Americans are stuck in ipod land or there own little worlds so I truly give little credance to most voters reasons for voting in the first place. Most people shouldn’t even be allowed to vote. The lack of basic knowledge of the general American is very high. You should also read my entire “diatribe”!

  4. Alright Bennie. I don’t know what handouts have to do with anything and I don’t know shit about sports.

    I do know why so many people voted for Obama. It’s because the Republicans have run this country into the ground. The gap between rich and poor during our last last economic recovery had never been greater since the Great Depression. The Bush Administration burrowed obstructionists in every governmental department that was suppose to stand on the side of the people — Civil rights, labor, you name it.

    I don’t really understand black conservatives. Personally I think its Stockholm Syndrome combined with a little bit of plantation dynamics.

    Why do you always bring up rappers? So the fuck what! Is there a difference between Snoop Dogg and Brittany Spears? They are fucking celebrities. They have nothing to do with your life or mine. You want to blame the entire black race for Michael Vick as well? Money and fame, regardless of color, breeds narcissism.

  5. Bennie says:

    Again you show ignorance. Rappers are role models to kids you moron. I as an adult love snoop dogg, but for kids??? You wonder why no one really gives a crap about education. That’s the problem with liberals, they don’t see the correlation between ignorance, apathy who we have promoting the Nokia Sugar bowl (snoop a couple of years ago) and the prevailing attitudes of this country. This is why we are going down the tubes and you will be pissed when you are waiting behind crackhead joe at the hospital and he is as “equal” to you.

  6. Bennie says:

    People speak of education, but don’t go get it. How the hell did Fredrick Douglass get educated, for that matter, how does anyone get educated? They pick up a damn book and read it! The Library is full of books, the internet is full of good material, but do you ever notice how the top searches are nonsense or sex? I am scared for this country.

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