Stealing Tas’ Thunder With A Michelle Malkin Irony Update

I know Tas is usually the one that is on Michelle Malkin Craziness Watch, but I just HAD to jump in for this one.

So get this, Michelle Malkin says, ahem, “Fiscal responsibility is the new counterculture.”

I added the bold because, well, what the hell is so new about it? Where were you during the fiscally irresponsible Bush years? I dunno, the way I see it, the actions of the Obama administration would just so happen to be the fiscally responsible course. You know, cleaning up the economic mess that was left to us.

Oh, but NOW fiscal responsibility is the counter-culture? Any other well ingrained wagons you want to hitch up to, Michelle? Or does a Republican have to wreck it so a Democrat can come back and clean it up first?

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