Taking Water Carrying To A Whole New Level

I don’t think too many will argue that MSNBC has essentially positioned itself to be a kind of left leaning answer to Fox News. But having Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow tag team the prime time slots, I’m sorry to say, still leaves MSNBC far short of the master.

Ah, no, young ones, much to learn you still have in the way of carrying water for an ideologically hell bent party. Your lack of bias (and shame) pales in comparison to that of Fox News.

Just as no one will argue that MSNBC is leaning left, you’ll find fewer who won’t admit that FOX isn’t just leaning to the right, but has actually fallen over and managed to fall into the Republican Party’s rose garden.

Take today, for instance, where the “news” station tried to present as independent news a history of the stimulus bill passed earlier today in the senate. A timeline of Right Wing talking points about the stimulus bill was displayed and Fox couldn’t even bother to fix the TYPO that was in the original Republican party press release.

Come on Keith, come on Rachel! Get with the program! This is what you’re up against!

One Response to “Taking Water Carrying To A Whole New Level”

  1. Chief says:

    Gee. Truth-telling or Water-carrying? Hmm-m-m-m, which would I rather have ? ? ?

    Well I can carry a hellova lot more truth in my bucket than I can water.

    So I reckon I’ll opt for the un-varnished truth.

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