Wolves, Chicken Coops, and Eternal Vigilance

James Joyner’s reaction to the Pentagon’s finding that conditions at Guantanamo are in compliance with the Geneva Conventions is spot on:

The Department of Defense has reviewed itself and found that it’s doing nothing wrong.

This report is just another reminder, if one was needed, that the inaptly named Defense Department’s perceived self-interest is not necessarily aligned with Pres. Obama’s campaign promises. Obama commissioned this report, and he had to know that the Pentagon is not exactly a disinterested party when it comes to Gitmo. That makes me worry that maybe he was hoping for a finding like this one as a cover to back off his promise to close the prison camp. Which means it’s more important than ever to keep the pressure on because, as Damon at Corrente puts it, “The Pentagon *Hearts* Guantanamo.”

I hope that everyone realizes that the Pentagonian Establishment is very much in the midst, and not at the start of, trying to push back at Obama’s promise to close Gitmo, and the left’s push for this thing to close since we’ve known of its existence.

This is why it is so incredibly important that the left push him harder than ever before and constantly to close this house of horrors down, as well as all of the others we know and don’t know about, because he’s being pushed very forcefully (more forcefully, in fact) from the right to “stay the course” on Gitmo.

If it wasn’t clear before, I hope it is clear now, that we’re very close to keeping Gitmo opened, indefinitely if we’re not vigilant about this.

3 Responses to “Wolves, Chicken Coops, and Eternal Vigilance”

  1. DaMav says:

    roflmbo and tears running down my face watching you lefties freak out as Obama adopts the rules of the Bush War on Terror. You bin Punked.

    It’s especially funny to watch you insist that you need to put all this pressure on so that Obama doesn’t do what Bush did. Obviously you realize you’ve been lied to as well. He was supposed to be leading and you supporting him, remember? How’s that Savior thing workin out for ya suckers? Maybe you should consider drafting an apology to President Bush for your over the top rants about him being a nazi destroying the constitution and human rights when your own Lightgiver is adopting his policies.

  2. tas says:

    DaMav: Summer’s Eve called, they want their douchebag back. You’ve been phoned home!

  3. gcotharn says:

    I heard Debra Burlingame, in a radio interview, describe President Obama’s meeting with the Cole Families and the 9/11 families, which occurred near the end of the first week of Feb. Everything following is my paraphrase of some of Ms. Burlingame’s comments in the interview (I listened twice to make certain I paraphrased correctly):

    President Obama did say GITMO is a pristine, professional operation, but he has decided to close it b/c of negative world opinion.

    He is attractive, extremely likable, a good listener. But, if you really listen to what he’s saying, there isn’t much there.

    [Ms. Burlingame is a lawyer] I went up to Greg Craig and said “You know he got [info about] the Boumediene decision wrong.” Craig said: “I know.”

    He did a lot of touchy feely stuff in the meeting: I’m here for you, that type of thing. He did appear to be open to ideas from the families.


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