AIG’s gargantuan sized testicles.

Outrage over bonuses

When asked about the outrageous near billion in bonuses that the supposedly cashstrapped AIG planned on issuing to its staff, its jackass in chief appeared a little miffed.

He says it will be impossible to keep the best and the brightest who are needed to help re-build the company if they feel their financial compensation might be arbitrarily and continually affected by government intervention.

Silly government meddling into where AIG spends a good chunk of the more that $100 billion it has received from — uh, well, the government.

With this kind of thinking, why can’t we just lock them up already. If we can’t find any actual criminal offenses, then we should find some padded cells because they are all off their damn rockers.

The best and the brightest, he says, arbitrary, he says.
If Obama can find a way to get that money back, I guarantee he will have just won himself a second term.

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