Bill Clinton Refers Six Times to “Unfertilized Embryos” in Interview with Sanjay Gupta

The right is having a field day with this, and I have to admit it’s pretty appalling. If Clinton had said this once and conservative bloggers had jumped on it, I would have cried foul. But he said it six times during the interview — and Gupta did not correct him. It’s clear that Clinton really does not know that embryos, inside or outside of the womb, are fertilized by definition — and Gupta either doesn’t know, either (which would be even more appalling), or doesn’t think it’s an important enough error to point out. Which, as I said above, I would agree with if Clinton had made the mistake only once — that could be just an inadvertent slip of the tongue. But not six times.

Here is the video:


Via Hot Air, by way of Betsy’s Page, linked from Memeorandum.

2 Responses to “Bill Clinton Refers Six Times to “Unfertilized Embryos” in Interview with Sanjay Gupta”

  1. Jane Rosen says:

    I find it appalling that Sanjay Gupta did not correct Bill Clinton when Clinton in his interview mentioned the words “unfertilized embryos” over and over. Bill Clinton is stating a fallacy on national television that misinformed millions of observers who are naive about stem cell research. There is no such thing as an “unfertilized embryo”…because by definition an embryo is fertilized.

    It is the responsibility of the networks to make sure that information disseminated over the airways either by news reporters, interviewers and interviewees is correct. Sanjay Gupta is an MD and should have known better….the fact that he did not correct Bill Clinton during the interview demonstrates unspeakable ignorance and a lack of diligence and responsibility on his part. it is more embarassing for Dr. Gupta to have remained silent than it would have been for him to correct Clinton. CNN needs to issue a correction to its viewers.

  2. That’s really funny. So what did he intend to say??
    But it’s true, I’m sure there are many people out there who now think that they use “unfertilized embryos” for stem cell research and that doesn’t seem to be too bad…

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