CommentsCast, Episode 8 – They Have Boobs There…

Producing a podcast is not as easy as it looks, particulary the un-fun parts such as editing. This show was recorded exactly one week ago and spent interim resting on my hard drive awaiting three hours of uninterrupted edit time. The time was found and so here is the show.

This week I was joined once again by SylviaM and TAS, both of whom took an hour out of their late Saturday nights to join me for some banter. Topics covered on this episode include; Michelle Obama’s treatment in the right wing media, the economy, the State Department’s Easy button screw up, Rove’s pending testimony in front of the House Judiciary Committee and the latest from Darfur. Sadly, we ran into some technical difficulties toward the end of the show so a solid 10 minute discussion about Pakistan had to be edited out but overall it is a good show. Happy listening and please feel free to leave us your feedback.

By the way, even though I am less than happy with their performance in regard to our podcast, don’t forget to subscribe to CommentsCast via iTunes.

One Response to “CommentsCast, Episode 8 – They Have Boobs There…”

  1. Really great show guys! Finally got the chance to listen to it, and I was thoroughly entertained.

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