F*ck Me with a Freshly Sharpened Pitchfork.

On today’s episode of Fareed Zakaria GPS, an ‘expert panel’ was convened to discuss ‘populist’ outrage in the wake of AIG and other recent scandals related to the global economic crisis. Via email, I bet Sarah a dinner at IHOP (because we be keepin’ it real like that in this economy) that the ‘expert panel’ would be tilted towards the Washington media elite–y’know, Broder,  Friedman, maybe some latte-sipping ‘even the’ liberal from TNR.  Sarah very astutely declined to take me up on that bet.

Good thing, too–I knew it was going to be bad, but this so-called ‘expert panel’ went beyond even the previously charted borders of EPIC ESTABLISHMENT FAIL .

I mean, was that ‘expert panel’ on ‘populist rage’ a joke?  Let’s see: a glibertarian blogger, a former Goldman Sachs greed peddler, and a tainted ex-Merril Lynch exec.


How about next time try featuring some actual, y’know, populists–labour reps, or writers like Barbara Ehrenreich or Bill Fletcher, Jr–people who aren’t stuck in the bubble of establishment Washington, who don’t purse their lips at such vulgar concepts as ‘populism’,  ‘nationalization’ or even (gasp!) ’socialism.’   Or, as Sarah suggested, someone like our homie Erik Loomis, a Gilded Age historian whose focus is labor history and has studied in depth populist movements in the US. In other words, REAL experts on the matter of ‘populist rage’, not smug apologists for the very system that has PROVOKED the white-hot ire of the general public.

At the end of the segment, Zakaria guilelessly requested that viewers write in if they felt the panel didn’t contain enough populist outrage “and we’ll see what we can do to correct that”. Dude, there was NO populist outrage–period.  Jesus fucking wept — talk about a glib cocktail party sneer from the woefully-out-of-touch establishment.

Pitchforks. Pikes. Tumbrils.

Take action: Contact Fareed Zakaria GPS and (politely but firmly) let them know that you want to see REAL experts on populism represented in any purportedly ‘expert’ panel.

2 Responses to “F*ck Me with a Freshly Sharpened Pitchfork.”

  1. Fareed’s long interview with Spitzer on the very serious subject of corporate malfeasance makes up for the inane twittering of Megan “Jane Galt” McArdle.

    Paleolithic conservative Fareed Zakaria almost always gives a right wing framing to his discussions. Still, it’s sad to see him demean both himself, his show and CNN by bringing on right wing fiction writer Megan McArdle’s twittering nonsense.

    Fareed’s usually more serious than that, as evidenced by his long interview with Eliot Spitzer, who, despite his personal failings, foresaw much of the economic disaster and vigorously tried to stop it. Spitzer was going after corruption on Wall Street for years. Apparently he was successful enough that his mess of a personal life was worth investigating as well.

    As Fareed put it, early on Eliot Spitzer was the “one guy who took on the financial firms at the height of their prestige and power when the country, the media and Washington were gushing with admiration.” … “He was the attorney general of New York who went after Merrill Lynch, prosecuted AIG and several other institutions for practices he argued were corrupt, fraudulent and illegal. Those prosecutions were deeply controversial, and Spitzer made most of Wall Street his enemy.”

    Indeed he did. Somehow the Republican administration missed a TRILLION dollar Ponzi scheme but sure managed to pick up on where Democratic Governor Spitzer’s money was going. Funny how that works.

    Spitzer’s interview with Fareed is worth reading. Spitzer took on Wall Street and won (repeatedly), he has a clear understanding of some of the more appalling incestuous connections (Goldman Sachs efforts to have taxpayers bail out failing AIG appears a clear effort by Goldman Sachs to bail out Goldman Sachs’ failures), moreover, despite his past, Spitzer is one of the best voices to articulate the corruption that grips America’s financial sector.


  2. Thanks for this great piece, bookmarked and rss subscribed…

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