Got Entitlement Issues?

Glenn Reynolds, the Instadope, defends the paltry turn out at their anti-economic sense anti-stimulus protests by saying…

But it’s much bigger news when 200 people with jobs who’ve never protested turn out, than when 20,000 of the usual suspects organized by ACORN or ANSWER march with preprinted signs.

Shorter Glenn:  We’re just better than you.

Only a mind warped to the statue of Reynold’s wingnutiness could honestly think that a protest of 200 is strong than one of 20,000.  Keep smoking some instacrack there, you nitwit.  And for the record Mr. Reynolds, I’ ve been gainifully employed for most of the times I’ve protested   I also shower everyday and don’t have dreadlocks either, in case those were your next two stereotypical questions.  And a question for you: does having such extreme issues with prejudice physically hurt?


Fuck you!

“We’ve bailed out Wall Street; we’re helping out Main Street. But let’s not forget Liberty Street. Drop a dollar or two (or ten!) in Kathy’s Bailout Fund. (PayPal link is on the sidebar.)”

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