If Sleeveless Was Good Enough for Jackie Kennedy….

I don’t go in much for junior high school cattiness, which is why I ignored Jodi Kantor and Cindi Leive doing their faux shocked whispers behind their fans when Michelle Obama attended her husband’s NSOTU address to Congress in a sleeveless dress.

On the other hand, anyone who can put these two fashion fascists in their place without once mentioning either of them by name does rate a mention:

Is Michelle Obama supposed to wear a burka? Since when are a woman’s arms considered an erogenous zone here in America? Why would it be inappropriate for the First Lady to attend her husband’s address to Congress in a beautiful, purple Narcisco Rodriguez SLEEVELESS dress?

Whoever those twitterers — or should I call them “twits” — are out there who have raised the question of propriety, they should not only get a life, but also a history book. Not only have many First Ladies been photographed at official state and White House events, America’s most fashionable previous First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy practically made sleeveless looks her uniform, whether they were dresses or two piece shirt and skirt ensembles.

Read the whole thing. It really is delicious.

2 Responses to “If Sleeveless Was Good Enough for Jackie Kennedy….”

  1. tas says:

    Anyone who things Michelle Obama’s sleeveless attire is something to complain about needs a fucking hobby. Maybe they can do some volunteer work and actual fucking help people since they obviously have boatloads of fucking time on their hands.

  2. Kathy says:

    Fucking damn straight, tas. 🙂

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