Rush WINS!!!

I would say I’m Lovin’ It if that weren’t already a trademarked slogan…

If you, like me, have been following the news as it developed through the day, it would have been hard to miss that there was confrontation brewing between megalomaniacal radio personality, Rush Limbaugh, and the newly minted RNC chairman, Michael Steele.

The abbreviated timeline goes as such. First Rush gets in front of CPAC and doubles down on his talk about wanting President Obama to fail. Then Michael Steele makes some public remarks that aren’t so kind towards Limbaugh. Limbaugh retorts, and it’s beginning to look like there’s going to be a big old battle royale for who is the top voice of the party.

But, with tail tucked firmly between his legs, the rookie chairman has apologized to Rush and taken steps to mitigate whatever damage his words might have done to the talk superstar’s ego.

While this carries with it the heavy veneer of so much minutiae, this is important, very important. For all the talk that Rush Limbaugh is the de facto leader of the Republican party and all the negativity that the GOP may suffer as a result, there has been no stalwart rebuttal to this. This dust up in the making could have tested Steele’s resolve and he could have taken one of many hard but important steps towards reforming his party’s image.

Instead, he cowed, and Rush’s role as his party’s leader has never been more clear.

Understand this; Limbaugh represents an extremist and unpopular faction of Republicanism in today’s American culture. I won’t dare to venture whether America is center-left, or center-right, but while Rush may continue to have a large audience, that large audience represents a political minority in this country, and a dangerous one at that. It is the mindless adherence to a disproven ideology that plagues the GOP at this point, and if this is the case, people like Limbaugh are the chief facilitators of this problem.

Considering the political defeats suffered by the party over the past two years, it would seem that this faction would be the first shunted to the wilderness, but instead, they have been elevated, lauded as the TRUE conservatives, whatever that is.

Until Republicans recognize this, and essentially stand up to this guy and his ilk, they may find their time as political pariahs will be longer than they can even imagine right now.

5 Responses to “Rush WINS!!!”

  1. walkerdev says:

    I agree. Rush is the perfect GOP leader for non-Republicans. He will single-handedly insure that the Republicans go the way of the dodo bird and the Dixiecrats.

    But! God, I can’t help but hate that smug, fatheaded fool on TV gloating about it everyday. I know there is more at stake here than Rush’s ego. But God I hate that guy and his bloated ego. I hate having to see his fat face on TV. And I hate to think of living in a world where anyone would take that jackass seriously.

    It’s truly bittersweet.

  2. New Negotiator says:

    Suffice it to say that one comment from the President to Congressional Republicans (“You should stop listening to Rush.”) on the day Barack Obama went to Capital Hill to talk to only Republicans about the now-passed stimulus bill, was enough to ignite a Republican civil war. That comment led to Rush’s now infamous,”I hope Obama fails” line that split the GOP asunder. Now we have the spectacle of Eric Cantor, the Nancy- Polosi-is-mean-and-she-hurt-our-feelings-so-we-won’t-vote-for-TARP (back in September when John McCain was busy losing the general election.) Congressman form Virginia supporting the Obama administration in hoping the stimulus works.

    Now let’s see if this picture works out. On one hand we have the king of the right wing hoping for failure of the new guys in office after doing so much to guarantee the failure of the old administration in the Dubya years with his doctrinaire “screw the markets” outlook and out-to-lunch commentary that was eagerly gobbled by everyone too lazy to think for themselves. And, on the other hand, we have former Rush acolyte Eric Cantor saying he wants the the new administration’s stimulus plan to work. Sounds like a plan, doesn’t it?

    Perhaps this is the type of “bi-partisanship” that the President was working toward. Let’s have a nod toward Rahm with his reinforcing knife in the ribs comment on Sunday morning talking-head TV.

    Meanwhile, it looks as if the Republicans are up to their old tricks; they don’t realize-yet- that they’ve been had.( Just like in days of Geo W.) And Rush doesn’t realize- yet- that his best days are now in the past. His influence is waning. His audience is more afraid of reality than eager to support his fantasy of a “principled” conservative movement that has the best interests of the country as its only motivation.

    All I can say is. “Please, please, please, pretty please keep underestimating the political skills of Barack Obama.”

  3. Walkerdev: The way I look at it, Rush is a megalomaniac: not only is he addicted to pills, he’s addicted to attention. He’s going to go after it no matter what, so the way I look at it, I think it’s nice that at least his megalomania is serving to undermin him and his party.

    NN: I hear ya. Seriously, I hear ya. I keep thinking it, the prez is just too lucky for it to not be skill at least some of the time.

  4. steve says:

    So, if Rush is the leader of the republican party, that must mean that Michael Moore is the leader of the Democratic party. I’m just sayin’. It makes just as much sense. Why is the president wasting all that vaunted political skill on….Rush? Old saying: never argue with a man who buys ink (or airtime) by the barrel!

    And how has that presidential warning worked out about “Stop listening to Rush”? Not too good, I guess. Listenership is up by 5 million.

  5. Steve, first, on your analogy between Limbaugh and Michael Moore; hardly. Michael Moore doesn’t have party insiders too afraid to come out against him. Indeed, Michael Moore I would say doesn’t have all that much support anymore amongst the Democratic mainstream.

    As for the presidential warning; it may not have worked well as an actual warning, but it has thus far proven brilliant as a political strategy. The Republican Party has since the 2008 elections been without a leader, and without any kind of resonating message besides the same tired tropes that a majority of Americans have grown tired of. By delivering that warning, President Obama has stuck the party with a leader on their behalf, one that may, yes, have a 20 million strong listening audience, but one that also has a rather lower approval rating nationally, and even lower confidence that he would be the best person to listen to regarding the challenges we currently face.

    If you really want to win, the best way to do so is to pick an opponent you know you can beat. This is essentially what the president has done.


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