The Dumbest Meme Ever

Either parroting, or being parroted by, a commenter for my previous post, Rush WINS!!!, Andrew Malcom asks the inane question, “So if Rush runs the GOP, does Michael Moore head the Dems?”

In coming up with this question, Malcom credits TMV’s Jazz Shaw for the inspiration. The problem is, Shaw’s post does not really even touch upon the political realities of the two ideological firebrands, but instead raises certain analogous traits.

Far be it from me to ignore Moore’s and Limbaugh’s similarities, from the extremism of their ideologies, to their appeal among their bases or even their waist sizes. But because they are analogous in these ways does not mean that their political stature is even close to the same.

You see, it’s easy to say that Rush is the leader of the Republican party when the chairman of the RNC backs down to Rush in a verbal confrontation. Rush, at this time, is the highest profile person to craft and deliver the Republican message, and there has yet to be a prominant Republican to challenge him on this point.

Michael Moore, on the other hand, is very far from crafting the Democratic message (and, I daresay, he may even take offense at being called a Democrat–last I checked, Moore was far too left for the party, tentatively adopting the party only recently in 2004 in an effort to undermine George W. Bush’s chances at reelection). Michael Moore hardly has any Democratic politicians cowing to his political agenda.

That’s the difference. One personality is serving as the voice of their party, the other personality isn’t.

But the real point here is this; the Democratic party does in fact have a leader. He works out of the Oval Office, and most people call him Mr. President, or President Obama. And so far, he’s doing quite well enough as the lead of his own party, thank you very much.

2 Responses to “The Dumbest Meme Ever”

  1. tas says:

    Any wingnut who starts centers their argument around Michal Moore is basically asking to get punched in the face. Hard. With a pair of brass knuckles. Which isn’t a slant against Moore himself, whom the wingnuts generally take wildly out of context because of their reading comprehension issues. When your last leader’s favorite book was “My Pet Goat,” we can understand why they might have some special ed-esque difficulties.

  2. heh.

    Well, Andy Malcom is rarely short on the stupid, I thought he was especially bringing the dumb today.

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