The whole enchilada — health care, climate change and the economy

So packaging it all into one massive vote: Taking on energy, climate change, health care and the economy.

Why does it seem to elude so many people that these issues are interconnected? Working-class Americans have been increasingly taking on the burden of insurance premiums. And premiums have been rising for years.

At present, the pool insurance concept in many cases is only covering about 50 to 75 percent of the cost of health insurance. This leaves between $200 and $400 per month for most small families to pay out of pocket. For the increasing number of Americans who are not provided with health insurance, the cost is much, much steeper.
As a result, around one fourth of our youth people are not covered. About one-third of younger, working adults are not covered.

Then, the last few stables of our working-class job sector, blue collar jobs that pay a livable wage, not withstanding construction is clearly automotive and manufacturing. You would have to be living in a cocoon not to realize just how rampantly manufacturing has moved overseas. Making some real inroads to dealing with climate change would create a green manufacturing economy.

This job creation, lowering the burden of health care on American workers, would all go a long way to stimulating the economy.

We tried the trickle down approach. And it just didn’t trickle down. We tried supply-side economics and the folks with the big supply of capital simply screwed us.

If the economy recovers, it’s going to have to recover for American workers. It’s going to have to include making it easier to unionize. It’s going to have to be about removing the barriers to access in this economy.

After all, rich people don’t really fuel the economy. They hoard their money and leverage it. You give a middle-class family a couple of thousand bucks back into their budgets and I guarantee you, they will be in the minivan, off to the mall, and spending it on things their family needs.

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