This Woman Makes Me Ill

Dana Perino thinks AIG executives need millions in bonuses because it will “motivate” them to do their jobs (emphasis in original):

Reports over the weekend that bailed-out insurance giant AIG will be paying $165 million in bonuses to executives “in the same business unit that brought the company to the brink of collapse last year” have sparked bipartisan outrage. Even ultra-conservative Bill Kristol expressed his anger in a column yesterday, asking rhetorically, “[I]f capitalism is to survive, shouldn’t the Republican party, the party that defends democratic capitalism, be particularly vehement in denouncing its excesses? Isn’t this a pretty spectacular one?”

However, it seems that Dana Perino, former President Bush’s press secretary, didn’t receive the memo. On C-Span’s Washington Journal on Sunday, Perino defended the bonuses:

PERINO: And the people who are working there that are middle-class people, are expecting to get this bonus. If they do not get it, maybe they won’t be motivated enough to try to help the company turn around and getting the company to turn around and be more profitable is important for all of us.

Perino then chastised the “rhetoric in Washington” that “can try to make things so black and white, and make things sound so easy — demonize people when I don’t think that that’s fair.”

Dana Perino a bigger shill for corporate malfeasance than William Kristol? Wow.

3 Responses to “This Woman Makes Me Ill”

  1. Like all of the bush office, totally out of touch with the realility of the American People.
    We all should KNOW how business men work by now. When even the company, CEO, or whatnot states that we must pay to retain the “talent’ is full of BS and we all know it. Business men are fabulous known to be Self Preservationist, they will cry foul and how they Must stay on the jobs. Who would want to loss a job that pays millions plus benefits and bonuses that also pay millions? The first to go is the lowly janitor and other employees who earn a living less than $100,000. Executives are GODS no matter how badly they preformed or how much they loss millions or billions for the company, you never fire executives because it was already written in the contracts when hired, though no other employee get this privilege. American Board of Directors and CEOs or as corrupt as they get. Greedy Bastards.

  2. Jack Jodell says:

    Bimbos like Dana Perrino, Sarah Palin, and Michelle Bachmann, as well as morons like Joe the phony Plumber and Rick Santelli are always all over the media and I’ll never be able to figure out why. They have NOTHING of substance to offer for public discussion and are an absolute waste of everyone’s time!

  3. patrikios says:

    What a bunch of BS. Most of these bonus recipients are millionaires (maybe they are middle-class to her because they make less than $5 million lol).

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