What does Obama’s NCAA picks say about his governing style

We have dissected everything about the man — from his cabinet picks to the choice of schools for his girls. So, let’s ponder about his NCAA picks. And what they might tell us about Obama.
One thing is universal when it comes to sports fans: They were all players before they became fans. When they watch a game it reminds them of how they felt when they played the game.

What we already know about Obama and his game, we learned from the campaign trail. It was a story he told a dozen times, if not more. When he first started dating Michelle and she brought him home to meet the family, her overprotective brother wanted to play a game of basketball with him. As the story goes, the brother said you can know a lot about a man based on his game. And so the history goes, Obama’s got game. He got Michelle. And, like about a decade or so later, he got us as well.

But what do we know about the president’s game. I hear he talks a lot of shit on the court. Remember Jordan back in the day? I also hear he’s got a pretty nice outside shot and reads the defense well.

His weaknesses should be obvious: He does not have much height, upper body strength, natural grace, and his jump definitely ain’t gravity-defying. In other words, he plays kind of like a white guy. Just Joking?

But in all honesty, he plays like the countless number of t-shirt drenched, after-work, concrete-court-ruling crowd, but smarter. He’s got a fierce passing game because he knows his own physical limitations. He’s learn to read the defense well and outsmart them because he know he can’t outrun them or run right through them like Shaq.

And as far as his picks go. Well, no one should have been surprise when Obama picked Illinois over Western Kentucky. It’s his home state and a No. 5 team. The surprise happened when Western Kentucky just powered through them.

His other first round, controversial loss was taking VCU over UCLA.

He would not have made this mistake if he had spent just a little more time on the West Coast. While the Big East, ACC and Big 12 always get all the props. The PAC 10 is not some shabby mid-major division. Until recently, there were numerous West Coast clubs with viable hopes at the dance. This year that conference dwindled down to UCLA. Those guys came to play, with a little more than a Vegas odds upset at play.

His other picks are very safe. Though conventional wisdom says Pittsburgh might be a better pick over UNC, our President is going with the reliable Tar Heels — long history of winning championships, legendary coaching team, blah, blah, blah.

In my opinion. And I think some folks might not like this. I think Obama is ultimately a centrist. He’s intellectually very curious and will reach outside of his comfort zone to respect certain alliances. But he will govern from the middle.

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