When McDonald’s Commits Theft …

Apparently, you aren’t supposed to call the cops … or do anything.  In fact, if you do, you’ll be treated as the criminal.

Of course, if you took $3.50 off the counter from McDonald’s and pocketed it, not only would 911 be called, but the police would arrive in minutes and have your ass charged with a three strikes crime so fast…

So absurd.

One Response to “When McDonald’s Commits Theft …”

  1. Brooklyn says:

    Are you for real? This woman called 911 THREE times! They only charged her because she would not stop calling. It was not like she did not have other places to go to about this matter. Why didn’t she call the local police station at their non-emergency number? The number would have been in the front of the phone book. Why didn’t she write a letter to McDonald’s head office to report the situation? It is ridiculous to expect 911 to ignore heart attacks, fires and other real emergencies to worry about three and a half dollars and chicken mcnuggets.

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