Wrongful convictions spark ban in New Mexico on executions

So, Gov. Bill Richardson announced recently he would stop putting people to death in New Mexico. One of the primary reasons for his change of heart is he has lost faith in the criminal justice system.

Over the years, roughly 400 people have been wrongfully convicted and later exonerated by DNA testing in the U.S. Seventeen of those exonerations involved people who were sitting on death row. DNA testing is routinely blocked by local law enforcement and the judiciary. In fact, the Supreme Court is currently poring over a case about denying post-conviction DNA testing that could possibly exonerate a man in Alaska.

According to Justice Scalia expanding DNA testing could give inmates an open door to “game” the system. Legal advocates for the wrongfully accused say that’s a load of crap. And this is less about due process than local DAs and police departments’ saving face.

Here’s a miniseries about Post conviction DNA exonerations and the plight of the wrongfully accused.

life after prison

the criminal justice system’s black eye

the road to justice

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