Clean. Up. Your. Side.

I’m sure you’ve all heard about the tragic shooting of three cops in Pittsburgh.  The right, who we all know never, ever makes things political, is lambasting Markos Zuniga of Daily Kos for this tweet on his Twitter account: “When we were out of power, we organized to win the next election. Conservatives, apparently, prefer to talk “revolution” and kill cops.”

This has prompted many sanctimonious statements, like this crap from Crapton Ed:

People on both sides like to take non-political tragedies and manipulate them for their own purposes.  The Binghamton shooting occurred just before we went on the air Friday, and I remarked that both sides tried to use the Virginia Tech shooting to their advantage, and that I expected something similar from Binghamton.  Some people refuse to acknowledge that lunatics do lunatic things, and it has nothing to do with the honestly-held policy beliefs of millions of Americans.  Those who would use such horrifying tragedies to smear their political opponents are completely unworthy of engagement, and utterly despicable to boot, regardless of which side they’re on.

That’s all fine and good, accept one key fact is missing: the shooter was a rightwing loon.

The suspect is Richard Poplawski, and he’s left a trail of his political beliefs on the Internet.  Over on Crooks and Liars, Daivd Neiwart uncovered the fact that Poplawski posted at least one message on the white supremacist website Stormfront, talking about his racist tattoos.

For those who say that Stormfront is in no way representive of the mainstream political right, you are correct.  I will not question that. But the NRA, second amendment advocacy, etc. is.  Poplawski has that covered, too.

Plugging a few searches into Google tonight, I found what is Poplawski, posting as “iEUX” on a Pittsburgh Penguin’s fan forums website is Richard Poplawski.  My first indication was seeing this message by iEUX:

Game 7 carpool (if neccessary), anyone? Ive got room for 5.

Poplawski’s myspace URL is; and his StumbleUpon URL is  Additionally, in a forum thread about the shootings, one site member provided evidence that Poplawski has used this fan site before in 2000 (though as of right now, the forum users have not made the connection between iEUX and Poplawski).  So like I said, I’m reasonably confident that iEUX and Poplawski are one and the same.

While these forums are for a hockey team, conversation veered into politics.  iEUX had some very interesting things to say on the topic.  First, Obama v. McCain:

Were on the cusp of losing our way of life as a nation. You cant treat economics and terror as two totally unrelated topics. Were hobbling in financial crisis and looking like a better target than ever, folks. Its akin to ‘being on the ropes’….

God forbid if we have 911-2 on this next pres’ watch. Then what? instead of the hardened war hero we have this guy over here who has sex appeal and speaks well and seemed like a great idea at the time. gol-ly. effin incredible.
Were gonna need a tough head of state and a capable commander in chief.
Barack Obama does not fit the bill. Does not. Obama is soff. Obama is green.
The world wants Obama in there. Our enemies want Obama. If thats not enough to convince you its a bad idea I don’t know what is


you people make me so sick. if you let this smooth talking cad hornswaggle this nation my heart will be broken. Because I do love this country. So much. You would have stolen from me a potential hero and instead installed the hippest flavor of day. and if it ends up ruining everything I will sob heartily. just cry. right into the star spangled banner but no longer be able to take comfort in any real sense of being an American

dont let it happen. If Obama gets in there itll be the beginning of the end of General Washington’s grand boat ride. i know it. itll be prime season to gang-bang the United States in the face while we’re down on one knee. so when that happens I hope Barack is equally as eloquent addressing the nation when our three rivers flow with blood so he can make you feel good about your vote for ‘change’

spread the wealth around. :facepalm: this is AMERICA. WE DONT DO THAT HERE .
and he seriously is the favorite going into this last month? f me. y’know. just f me. repeatedly.

I trust that I don’t need to do a point by point breakdown of all the talking points iEUX said that could be ripped straight from rightwing talk radio or one of their blogs.  His political views — as well as the source of those views — are self-evident to anyone who follows American politics.  I will say that in his message, he mentioned being apprehensive about voting for McCain, too…  But he left no doubt about who he voted for.  This is not a Ron Paul voter — the right cannot dismiss him as some far-right conspiracy nut.

As for his stance on gun rights, iEUX offers his opinion in this thread:

just hypothetically: Hand everybody an AK and a sidearm. Everybody.
And see how long these mass murdering spree’s last, if anybody even dares to attempt them. Watch what happens to armed robbery and murder and rape rates.

And more:

he big issues surrounding the 2nd amendment seem to be beyond reasoning for some people. you can micro-pick the whole matter into as many pieces as you want.

granted there are gun accidents.
im guessing that stone cold idiots shoot themselves and their children with a higher regularity than prime genepool material.
ever think of it like that?
yeah and wackos exist and can use guns too. you win. good job.

thanks for discussing it with me. by now its clear where I stand. as if it mattered.
but I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask some of you to get really real.

theres going be federal gun bans on the way. thats a fact.
at the very same time theres going to be:
increased domestic military presence. fact.
islamic jihad on innocent Americans. fact.
AND theres at least potential for economic distress and subsequent civil unrest.

who can debate this world isnt already in alot of turmoil.
as it has been for THOUSANDS OF YEARS NOW

now is not the time to ‘dis’ the constitution & the bill of rights. to infringe on the common man’s means of defending himself.
you may be right. I may be crazy. but it just may be a lunatic youre lookin for

To anyone on the right reading this, look, I’m not going to stand here and say you’re all bad.  That’s certainly not the case.  But I will say that you partially own the ideology of men like Poplawski.  Everything I’ve published here (which is possibly the tip of the iceburg – he has over 1000 messages at this forum) is ripped from rightwing talking points.  So when Kos says “Conservatives, apparently, prefer to talk ‘revolution’ and kill cops,” where do you think it comes from?  I’ll tell you where: gun nuts like Poplawski going out and killing cops; Glenn Beck discussing armed revolution; a cartoon in the NY Post showing a monkey who is responsible for the stimulus bill being shot to death; G. Gordon Liddy discussing how to kill federal agents on talk radio; a gunman firing live rounds at the White House when Clinton occupied it…  Do I need to go on?

If you don’t want tragedies like the Pittsburgh shootings being used against you politically when it’s revealed that the shooter is a GOP voting gun rights zealot, then clean up your side.  Period.  Because whether you want to admit it or not, there’s a culture of hate seeping from your ideology.  The evidence is all around you.  Stop blaming Kos, stop blaming me because I know you’re about to, and Clean.  Up.  Your.  Side.

This means stop ignoring the problems your side has.  For example, when I criticized Glenn Beck about discussing an armed revolution caused by Obama’s election, I saw this in the comments section:

Anyone who takes ANY of these info-tainment radio or TV personalities seriously, in terms of being a provider of reasoned and balanced political analysis, is just fooling themselves.

This is the wrong answer.  You better start taking people like Glenn Beck seriously because, apparently, other people do.  And they’re armed.

The right can no longer disown the violence published by their very own media outlets.  They must fight it.  Before another tragedy hits, clean up your side.

4 Responses to “Clean. Up. Your. Side.”

  1. BoBtoasx Pelosi says:

    Any word if Lovell Mixon or those rap artists who make those COP KILLAH songs are “right wing nutjobs” too?

  2. tas says:

    Ahhh yes, the classic 80s rap defense. Because when I think about NWA, the first that comes to mind is national politics.

  3. BoBtoasx, is a classic right winger: he/she can’t tell the difference between right wing terrorists that are feted by Republican politicians and musicians.

    Right wing terrorist G Gordon Liddy‘s favor was prominently sought by Republican John McCain.

    McCain went on terrorist Liddy’s radio show to slaver Liddy with compliments.

    McCain’s terrorist “pal” Liddy‘s conviction resulted in hard prison time.

    Liddy’s murderous rhetoric was well publicized before McCain sought his favor. McCain repeatedly complimented Liddy on his radio show.

    But because McCain was favored by the corporate media, McCain’s terrorist connections weren’t publicized. McCain also had connections with terrorist payoffs in South America and his wife was even invested in genocide ridden Sudan, it was an investment McCain’s wife had in Sudan through the Chinese government.

    Republican McCain was/is as much of a fiction as Republican economic fantasies.

    BoBtoasx is avoiding the fact that a right wing lunatic was riled to kill American law enforcement officers by violent right wing rhetoric.

  4. Ol'Froth says:

    If not for the tragic consequenses of the man’s actions, I would just point and laugh at someone who brings up Lovell Mixon as “moral equivelance.”

    On one hand you have a criminal who kills police officers because he’s afraid of going back to jail, and in Poplawski, you have a guy who killed police officers bacause of his political beliefs.


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