Forget the Wake-up Call; Wingnuts Keep Hitting the Snooze Button

Matthew Yglesias links to an article David Frum has written for the conservative British publication, Spectator.Co.Uk. Frum clearly intends the article to be a wake-up call for Republicans in the U.S. who are in denial about why Obama is in the White House and what conservatives need to do if they don’t want to fade into irrelevant obscurity:

It’s almost a law of politics that a defeated political party recoils upon its political base. Goldwater follows Nixon. McGovern follows Humphrey. Mondale follows Carter.

In the same way, Republicans seem to be making up their mind that they lost in 2006 and 2008 because they were not conservative enough. Like the proverbial Englishman on vacation, they seem to think that if the locals aren’t responding to what they have to say, the thing to do is to say it louder.

And are they getting loud!

Obama has been in office nearly three months. Far and away his most important initiative over that time has been to continue George W. Bush’s costly Troubled Asset Rescue Plan. Next most important: a mortgage rescue plan that likewise follows ideas bequeathed by his predecessor. Obama has not yet raised taxes. He has not yet introduced a healthcare plan. He has not yet detailed a climate-change policy. He has declined to rescue the automobile companies.

During the campaign, Democrats promised pro-union changes in labour law. In office, one Democratic senator after another has broken ranks against this. Republicans have mused that Democrats might alter broadcasting regulations in ways inimical to conservative talk radio. No sign of action there either.

Yet to listen to Fox News and other conservative media, you’d think we were living in Czechoslovakia in the final hours before the 1948 communist coup. Anchors end interviews by solemnly pledging to defend liberty and oppose tyranny. The network’s rising star Glenn Beck has mused about the coming turn to totalitarianism — and warned his audience that he has not been able to ‘debunk’ fears that the Federal Emergency Management Agency is constructing an archipelago of concentration camps for political opponents of the Obama administration.

And speaking of paranoid right-wing conspiracy nuts

One Response to “Forget the Wake-up Call; Wingnuts Keep Hitting the Snooze Button”

  1. Booogie-Mann says:

    Geez, obviously you read the blogs but don’t watch the Glenn Beck Show. The whole point was to take on some of these Conspiracy Theories and see what happens, either prove or debunk them. Kinda like MythBusters for Politics. Beck had a guest on who said the pictures of these camps were indeed real … but taken in another Country !! The people behind the Myth were being dishonest, so Beck debunked this one ….

    Before posting this falsehood, a simple internet search would have revealed the truth in this case …

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