Hating on Easter Sunday

Okay, here is a nice softball question for everyone: Can wingnut bloggers set aside the hate for just one day and simply be happy for two little girls who finally got the dog they’ve been longing for? I know there are lots of little girls and little boys who are getting long-wished-for dogs that we will never know about because they are not famous, but can we swallow that injustice for just one bright, sunny, Easter Sunday, and smile happily for Sasha and Malia, for a dog that’s found a great home, and for the fact that there still are these authentic little moments of blissful normality to give us a break from the horrors and outrages we usually write about?


No. HELL, no. I’ll try. You’ll have to pry the hate out of my cold, dead hands.

A recovered Republican nails it:

It just occurred to me- they have their “in” now. I was wondering how the Malkins and the Red States were going to get their two minute hate on over a puppy, and now that Kennedy is giving it to the Obamas, they now have an excuse to hate… a puppy. Just watch.

Happy Easter, everyone.

3 Responses to “Hating on Easter Sunday”

  1. TigerHawk says:

    Not at all trying to pick a fight here, but what was it about our post that was “hating”? I thought it was all pretty light-hearted.

  2. Kathy says:


    That’s why you’re linked on the words, “I’ll try”!


  3. don surber says:

    Let’s see, I write a post defending the Post for writing a little piece of fluff about the White House: “I do not want nor expect wall-to-wall hard-core coverage of the president. A little levity now and then — President Bush’s Barney cam — is fine.”
    This comes out as hating a dog on Easter.
    Later, after the captain was rescued, I did some more hating on the president: “It was a great job and my hat is off to everyone from the commander-in-chief on down. I have been on the president’s case, but only because I wanted some action.”
    OIC “from left field.” Got it.


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